I was apart from my kids pretty much the whole weekend. But they are my why and this is my how. I said it in our Unravel video, but I truly don’t do this just for Jennifer. I love to talk about her and share her name, but I don’t need a non-profit to do that. I am a pretty loud mouthed lady!

I do however need the non-profit to do my very best to protect my living children.

.. See its too late for my Jennifer.

But I know .. and I am scared every single day it could happen to us again. Or to one of their best friends.. or one of their children.

I know the threat and I have to do something about it. MNO truly is a great way to do that. And this MNO was a blast. Let me tell you SacTown is no joke. These ladies know how to throw a party.. and I see why.. Because they also know how to party!!!

11665512_10153448778600948_3692036907620892143_n and my cute tank removed at this point. Ps I like this angle.. note to self buy a selfie stick!

The epitome of all MNO for me is the idea that although pediatric cancer truly sucks.. nothing fun about it.. Fighting it can be a total blast, I really did have a good time and I am pretty confident those in attendance did also.. Though I am going to venture a guess a few woke up with a bit of a headache!

I got to pour wine on the dance floor.. Once they started they didn't want to stop dancing..
I got to pour wine on the dance floor.. Once they started they didn’t want to stop dancing..

I had somehow lost my speech and had to start over.. Luckily I had the slideshow to lead me but I was pretty nervous to re-write it, the week leading up I wrote it again but it never felt right.. I practiced and it wasn’t feeling confident.  But as always my girl was there when it counted. I am really happy with how I did.

Dancing was fun.. meeting people was great. Raising money was empowering. Tony was happy about the bottle of wine I won! But still hands down my favorite part was truly honoring the essence of my Jennifer. For them because of her.. SacTown MNO was able to help a little girl named Maren. Her mom did an incredible job sharing her daughter with all of us and I am so personally grateful and impressed. 11659322_669338410355_5585278189964143454_n

I heard quite a few times how many people didn’t know much of the information I shared. .. Which is really the mission of Unravel as a whole. But I hope people are inspired to really go out.. to be brave and talk to their friends and family about what they learned. I hope they find a little bit of glitter on them today to remind them..  To challenge them to find their own ways to get involved and join in the fun.. the fun of unraveling pediatric cancer. We have ideas or you can do your own. We even had sisters come up to do a MNO in their hometown. They even emailed me today to talk venues!!

Photo booth is always super popular
Photo booth is always super popular

We had a group of adorable and insanely talented little kids donate themselves in a creative way. The audience and I got to see kidvocates in action. I hope you allow your children to find their own ways to get involved.

So incredibly proud of these kids.. The best part is that I think they are too!!
So incredibly proud of these kids.. The best part is that I think they are too!!

September is pediatric cancer awareness month and we have a great fundraiser you can do with us! In honor of any child or family you know impacted by pediatric cancer. Its a way to spread the facts and information about that particular child (or simply about Unravel and Jennifer). Buy your own kit to use or split with a friend. Its called Fluttering and its simple and fun and impactful in so many ways. Sales end July 10th .. so don’t wait too long.

I am finding myself saying over and over again.. more than any other phrase (ok I say “will it matter in a month” to myself ALL THE TIME, don’t know what that means?? Click here.. its worth it!) but to others I say…

Don’t JUST be sorry be ACTIVE. 

And I mean that.. more than anything. I found out earlier today though.. She means it too. I wanted to do a silly light hearted thank you with those calls to action video. But I think .. I hope.. I will believe .. that just maybe.. Jennifer wanted to be heard too. Here is the video..its incredibly hard for to share this.. which is strange since I am so open here.. through written word.. But this feels so vulnerable to me.. I suggest watching before you even finish the rest of what I wrote.

She is grateful for the support and love you show her mommy. She is grateful for the support and fight you give to and for Unravel and kids like her.. past, present and future.

but i know


you wanted to tell me too.

im ok mama

they have henna here!


…until there is a cure..



5 Responses to “SacTownMNO”

  1. Still reading and actually re-reading!! Thank you JLK for the sign you sent to your momma.

    My child wanted a pillow fight last night but it was very late and I said we would do it tomorrow. Thank you JLK for that reminder too!!…..So tonight, a NO into a YES and a pillow fight in honor/memory of you both!

  2. Amazing! I’m so happy Jennifer sent you a sign to let you know she was there. Just beautiful. LOVE4JLK ♡

  3. thank you so much for that video. Thank you for sharing your soul. JLK is truly my inspiration to do something , truly , truly for them because of her.

  4. I felt awful we were in Denver when this MNO near me took place. I really wanted to go, support you, support Jennifer, and shake some booty. I will definitely make another one. You are doing such a fantastic job being not just sorry but ACTIVE and making all of us active too.

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