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What is Fluttering?

Fluttering involves moving a set of 12 dragonflies on lawn stakes (think flamingo, but more beautiful and meaningful) from one person’s yard to another each day – or for as many days as you choose to – throughout the month of September.  Each person you Flutter gets the joy of a yard full of dragonflies for a day—and the option to pick whom you Flutter next by making a donation to Unravel. You simply return the next day, pick up the information packet and move the set of dragonflies to the next home selected.

By helping us Flutter, your donation of time helps raise so much money!  On average, when a kit is moved nightly to a new house, a single Flutterer raises around $800 for the month of September!

How Does Fluttering Work?

Below is part of our Unravel video which explains Fluttering.  This video is less than two minutes.  Also, don’t forget to check out our Fluttering Frequently Asked Questions, which might help answer any other questions you have!

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How Do I Flutter?

Fluttering starts September 1st!  Click here!

Don’t have 30 days to commit? No problem! Many of our Flutterers choose to share kits with a friend or family member.

Flutter in Honor of Someone!

Is there a special child in your life that is a cancer warrior? Maybe he or she is what has inspired you to be active in the fight against pediatric cancer. You also have the option to personalize and print a statement of why and for whom you are Fluttering for. All you have to do is send us an email with your order along with a picture and your cancer warrior’s story. We will handle the rest!

What We Support:

Since 2014, Fluttering has raised almost $800,000 with proceeds going to Project Violet! To find out more about what we support, please visit the What We Support section of our website.

Please join our community of ordinary people making an extraordinary difference in the world.  Fluttering will create lasting memories for you, your family and friends, while making this a safer place for all of our children.

Fluttering made the news!

NBC Bay Area News did a story about us. See it here.

fluttering aritcle
Erika Mailman wrote an article for Parents Press about Fluttering. See it here.

See fluttering in action

I didn’t really understand the concept behind Fluttering when I first learned about it, but Libby’s calls to action compelled me to purchase a kit. As a full-time working mom with two small kids, I also felt unsure of the time and energy commitment it might require, so even when I finally did purchase a kit, I thought of it more as our donation to the fundraiser than the initiation of an entire fundraising effort. I could never have imagined the impact it would have on me and my family, our September, and our time together… After our first Flutter, I saw the impact those dragonflies had had on that first family, and I quickly realized that each home we fluttered would be that many more people who knew Jennifer’s story, who’d spoken her name, who knew the facts about pediatric cancer, and of course it would also be that much more money for the researcher to use to make strides in the world of pediatric cancer. We hope to flutter every September for Unravel, and we feel really grateful to Unravel for providing an avenue for us to act – spreading the glitter.
– Stefanie K.