Happy birthday

Happy birthday.

That used to be a simple innocuous saying.. now such a loaded statement. I don’t know what to say..

A year ago I was just a mom.. then a little after noon I became a mom to child with a terminal brain tumor.




We should be blowing up balloons. We should be telling her to stay in her room so she doesn’t ruin her surprises. Her brothers should be getting the chance to decorate for her.


Instead we are in a hotel.. running hard and fast from the truth that haunts us.

Tomorrow she is truly and completely forever 6.

Because when you don’t turn 7 what else is there?

Happy forever 6th birthday buggers

She should be blowing out 7 candles..opening presents.. and feeling extra special for the day. We should be getting to show her our love in lots of little ways.

Instead we are doing it for them because of her. And for the first time I am using those words with them. Letting them see ways they can .. we can .. still connect with their big sister. Hopefully teaching them something they can hold onto throughout their lives.. a way to connect with the best in themselves and give that to other people.


And I invite you to do the same. For them because of her.

Whoever you want your ‘them’ to be, it can be a friend or your neighbor. It can be a stranger in the store or your child’s teacher.. It can be your own children or your parents. Maybe you will choose another family in the middle of the unfair fight of their child’s life..Or if you are so inclined it can be Unravel/my family and the lives I promise we will impact. The options are endless as are the amount of times you can do it on the first of her forever 6th birthdays. Oct 28th ..

i hate not having you here

i so desperately wish this wasn’t us

all this heartache

all this despair

7 years ago

if i had a choice

i would do it all over again

for you


…until there is a cure..

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  1. One year ago I had the honor of being there on Jennifer’s 6th birthday, taking pictures of her, for you. I will never forget that day, when I watched a family that I had for so long looked up to and envied, come together on the day they realized their loves would be changed forever. The love and support that night at Heidi and Matt’s was incredible to watch and to be a part of. Libby, I have spent every single day of this past year praying for you, Jennifer and your whole family. I wish I could have done more and been more involved this past year (which is something I plan to do moving forward), but just know that I will always be there for you, your mom, your sister…….Happy Forever 6th birthday Jennifer. I will do 6 beautiful things tomorrow to honor your life………peace……..

  2. Happy forever 6th birthday sweet Jennifer! Your smile, that light in your eyes… they were a gift to this world!!! You will never be forgotten. We will do everything to honor you today, sweet girl!

  3. I am planning to release pink balloons, October 28 at 6:30pm, California time. Join me and we can all send Jennifer balloons to Heaven! Happy birthday glitter girl! I love you even though I have never meet you. I was asked the other day at a local store if I wanted to donate to St. Jude’s and I did because of you. Hugs, love and prayers. Linda

  4. For them because of her…we will be celebrating Jennifer every October 28th. She is so loved and so longed for. I hope and pray that you have an ok or better than ok day. I pulled my daughter out of school for the 28th and we are celebrating at disneyland. Jennifer’s life was only 6 years but she has touched and opened my heart in so many ways. I was a kind person before, but I’m better because of her. I believe that when I am finished with this life & walk through the pearly gates to eternal life I will get to meet her.
    I’m looking forward to our day, but my heart is so broken for you in this life on earth.
    We love the 6 of you so much!

  5. One minute to midnight, and Jennifer’s would-be 7th birthday. How I wish, how I implore the fates, that it could have been. My tears will never stop for JENNIFER. Love and healing to you and family today, Libby. It’s now midnight.

  6. Happy forever 6th birthday, sweet Jennifer. You’ve touched more lives in your far too short years than most do in a lifetime, and I know, without a doubt, that love will only continue to grow.

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful first born with us, Libby. I hope that the love so many of us feel for you and your incredible family reaches your heart today, and everyday. Sending you all the peace and strength I can tonight. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  7. Happy Birthday Jennifer my forever6 Beautiful Angel, I will also be releasing pink balloons for you today on your special day, Jennifer you are forever in my thoughts and in my heart and this day I will always remember you will never be forgotten. Happy Birthday again my Sweet Angel.

  8. Happy forever 6 birthday, sweet Jennifer. I agree with the statement above- you have touched more lives in your short time on Earth than most people do in a lifetime, and you aren’t done yet! Your impact on the world is just starting.

    To Libby, Tony, Jonathan, Nicholas, Charlotte, and all of the rest of the family and friends who love Jennifer so dearly, thank you for all you are doing. Your for them, because of her movement started long ago. It isn’t just today. I pray for comfort for you all today, above all days, and that she reach out to you in some way.

    My girls and I will definitely be doing something to celebrate Jennifer today. Her glitter is spreading far and wide.

  9. I woke up this morning and my very first thought was Jennifer and thinking of all of you.

    Happy Birthday in heaven, Jennifer Lynn Kranz. I hope Jesus is putting on the greatest party ever to celebrate you… your beautiful soul. I pray that He wraps his loving arms around your family extra tight today as they need it. They miss you SO much and wish SO much to be celebrating with YOU today. I pray that you make your presence known and felt for them today. They need it. You are forever loved, forever missed and will NEVER be forgotten.

  10. I stumbled across your blog a few months ago and want you to know that Jennifer is making a difference all the way in Tennessee. Jennifer’s story spreads more awareness than you’ll ever know. Prayers for you and yours.

    Until there is a cure…

  11. Happy Birthday Jennifer. We love you so very much. We will honor you today. For them because of YOU. Happy Forever 6 birthday. I’ve been thinking of Jennifer so much. My first thought was of her this morning. All my love and prayers to you all today and everyday. LOVE4JLK♡

  12. Happy Birthday Jennifer. There is no doubt in my mind that you are with your family today, as you are every day. Wishing you happiness sweet girl, in a place without pain and tears. Hoping you smell that watermelon that you love so much and you are singing in that sweet voice we heard when you sang to baby Charlotte. You have an incredible family. Thank you for teaching us all so much.

  13. I woke up thinking about your family today, turning all my no’s to a yes. Thank you for sharing your journey, your Jennifer, with us.

  14. Happy Birthday, Jennifer. Seven years ago today to entered this world into the most loving, wanting, and deserving arms. You are missed.

    I hate to ask anything of you on your special day, but I hope you give a little sign to your beautiful family today. They so desperately need it. Deserve it. I hope you all six are together today…in your own way.

    Libby, you are a warrior. Maybe not a chosen one, but you are. Not one you want to be, not one anyone would want to be. But you and your family are doing good things under the most horrible circumstances. For them (all the children fighting this fight) because of her; JENNFIER!

  15. Happy Birthday sweet Jennifer.. Thinking of you today and always. Although I only recently met you Libby, your family and story has made such an impact on me. My Family was SO honored to have been “Fluttered”. I went to sleep thinking about you and woke up thinking about you all. WE will never stop saying her name Jennifer, Jennifer, Jennifer, Jennifer ,Jennifer, Jennifer…forever 6

  16. Happy Forever 6th Birthday Jennifer! Libby, I promise to say her name a hundred times today. Know we will all be thinking about you, Tony and your 3 surviving…..always and forever. That will never change. Neither will the drive to fight right along side of you. That I also promise you!!!!

  17. “For them, because of her.” What a beautiful way to make this day actionable and special in Jennifer’s honor. You are amazing parents to all of your children and have such a compassionate, insightful way of honoring their feelings. Happy birthday to Jennifer and to all of you. She must be so proud.

  18. I am so glad that Jennifer had you to love her. Happy Birthday sweet angel, I shall do something wonderful in your name today.

  19. Happy Forever 6th Birthday Jennifer! Libby, I promise to say her name 100 times today. Know we will all be thinking about you, Tony , Johnathan, Nicholas and Charlotte all day and every day. I also promise to never ever forget! To fight hard right along side of you…always!!!!

  20. Happy Birthday sweet baby girl! You are loved more than you will ever know!
    Libby I am so proud of you, your strength, your power, your overflowing heart of love. Today we celebrate Jennifer’s life, her memory, her fight. Today tomorrow and forever we will never forget. Jennifer Lynn Kranz Forever 6. Sweet girl taken to soon, her legacy will live on and change lives!

  21. Today is m 42nd birthday. 10 years ago I was diagnosed with a malignant lymphoma. I celebrate my birthday in honor of all those who aren’t here to celebrate theirs. My message to everyone is stop being “29 again”, be your age (don’t act it, though!) because every year is precious. I buried my younger brother 3 years ago today. He will always be 29. I go to another funeral today for Agnes Ternasky who lost her battle with brain cancer. I have many more birthdays to celebrate and we should celebrate each and everyone – for Agnes, for Dusty, for Jennifer, for YOU! I am honored to share this birthday with Jennifer. Her sparkle still shines!

  22. Thinking of the Kranz Family today….Happy Birthday to your sweet Angel in Heaven. Forever 6, Forever beautiful, Forever your sweet little girl. God Bless you all! LOVE4JLK….She brought a whole lot of people together to do amazing things.

  23. One thing that keeps coming back to me is you saying that the world lost the good she would have brought to it. Today I am donating to morethanme.org, in Jennifer’s name. Morethanme is fighting Ebola in west Africa, and mostly, taking care of the children who have lost their entire family. You are without your girl, and they need their mamas. It’s a strange choice, but I couldn’t get it out of my mind. I wanted to let her goodness reach farther. As a mother who loves fiercely, like you, like Jennifer would have, it seemed right. For them, because of her. Love to you, Kranz family, and happy birthday beautiful girl. Maybe now her birthday represents how long you’ve been loving her. And that is 7. ❤

  24. Thinking about Jennifer and your family all day. Happy Birthday to an amazing, glittery girl who has taught so many of us about this terrible monster we call Pediatric Cancer. Thank you for sharing it all, Libby. You truly are making a huge impact on this world. I’m just so desperately sorry that you lost your Jennifer in the process. Sending love & hugs to all 6 of you.

    Jennifer. <3


  25. Happy Birthday Jennifer. Although you are celebrating in heaven we are all celebrating here on earth for you. You have touched my life and so many other people in such a way that you have also changed our lives. Your my sweet little glitter girl that has changed me in so many ways. I know your celebration in heaven must be wonderful. Libby, Tony, Nicolas, Jonathan, sending lots of hugs to all of you today.

  26. Happy Birthday sweet Jennifer, I will always remember how sweet you were to my granddaughter in Nob Hill, I will always remember you sweet smile and how you wave to her and made her smile, I will FOREVER remember…..
    Because of You ……
    I love you Jennifer

  27. Happy birthday sweet little angel Jennifer. I went to sleep thinking about her and woke up thinking about you all. Although we don’t know your family, your story has touched us so deeply. My family’s prayers are with you always…..heaven must look beautiful with all the glitter she brought with her..

  28. Happy birthday sweet Jennifer. There is so much extra love in the world today because of you. You did good beautiful girl I hope you are having the biggest party up there with Jesus. And that your mummy and daddy brothers and sister get to have you with them in some way today as well. Xx

  29. Happy Birthday, dear Jennifer! Praying for strength for your mama and your family here on earth, this day should be theirs to celebrate with you. So I hope the sprinkles they’re giving you in Heaven are amazing, you deserve the best. Happy birthday, sweet girl.

  30. Happy Birthday Sweet Angel in Heaven! I hope you are celebrating with all the other angels taken too soon! Please give your family signs or angel hugs on this day. Prayers and tears for all 6 of you.

  31. Happy Birthday, Jennifer! I never knew you personally but I feel like I know you so well now after following your blog for a year. Forever in our hearts!

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