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i was wrong.

I try to find life lessons in everyday things for my kids. I try to help them connect what they see to who they can be. Now. Today. I did that twice this past weekend. I was able to connect others peoples fight and good deeds to them.. to us and to Unravel. .. I have to laugh though.. I tell myself I do it for them.. but honestly I know as I write I do it for me too.. To know the sacrifices we make by running Unravel are meaningful.. that there is a purpose to what we are doing.

We watched .. a bit obsessively the owner at my gym compete in something called the CrossFit games. I took a lot of playful ribbing for it. But the kids noticed. They got to observe some pretty amazing stuff. They don’t know numbers of weight and what heavy can mean. But they know hard work. They got to watch it happening..Athletes noticeably struggling.. wanting to give up. But not. They saw them pushing until they got to the end of a event and collapse. They felt the excitement of cheering on somebody else.. in rejoicing in that persons success.

This is Wes. Look closely at his right wrist.. he took some love4jlk with him.

This is Wes. Look closely at his right wrist.. he took some love4jlk with him.


I don’t do that often. I find myself more entrenched in the failures of pediatric cancer versus the successes in it. I want to get there. I want to whole heartedly cheer on those that land on upright.. often broken.. often battered.. But upright. I want to be able to cheer them on completely.

I can’t right now. .. I hate that about myself.

There was one competion that “our guy”  finished but another guy was struggling to complete. He went back. To encourage him. To cheer him on. Wes had already beat him… already won his battle.. But he went back to be there with somebody still in the trenches.

The competitor seemed to appreciate it ..  I don’t think I do that. I think I am still so angry over my loss.. that I cannot hear the encouragement of the survivors.

I don’t like that. I am not proud of that.

My boys got to watch this though. In a totally different arena then the one we live in right now. They got to see what it means to get down with somebody else struggling… even if you are out of the struggle. They got to see somebody accept that offering.

I don’t teach them that. I can’t teach them that right now. I am grateful I got to at least show them that in hopes a little bit of it absorbed into them

I always wanted to find a way to teach my kids to give back. To think outside themselves and be simply good people. I did it with Jennifer. . in ways I didn’t know until after she was already gone.. Or maybe she did it for me? Maybe she is the one who taught me.. showed me..

Eventually I thought I would be able to teach them to be philanthropic. But in time.. she was just 3 or 4 or 5 after all.. I had time and I had no ideas.

I was wrong. On all counts. She gives back now. Eternally through the microscopic pieces of her still fighting in a lab. Her donated tumor cells teaching.. giving so much.

So now its a huge component of what we are trying to do with Unravel. This summer we are building a team to to create the whole “Kidvocate,” like a advocate only better –  its kids saving kids – section of Unravel. I am excited for it.

But I was wrong.. again.. Because we just need to give them the support, kids are already doing it! From donating their birthdays to Unravel to running a coin drive at their school. Kids are doing it. Only kids that knew Jennifer though.. so I thought how we needed to grow it. To bring more kids in.

I was wrong…yet again. I need to start giving these kids more credit!! I got a phone call. One of our best friends and current Secretary of our board was with her daughter at a hair cut place. A little girl was there. She was donating her hair. Renee went up to them and asked about it. To learn their why.

humbling, touching

and so inspiring.

Jennifer. A little girl they had never met. But that little Isabella has come to know. She was doing it in honor of my Jennifer.


could she be any cuter???

I swooped up my surviving daughter and we drove .. Just to say thank you.

She was quiet. She was beaming and I think she was really proud. I was too.

She is 6. Going into first grade. And she is making a difference. She made one to me. Like Wes did.. her and her mom turned back around when they could have just kept moving. They turned back to encourage and support us..

…me. Struggling to get up. .. to keep moving.. to keep fighting on.

Every single child that fights for and with Unravel.. they save other kids.. and they save me.


Afterwards Charlotte and I went to go get some cold yogurt. Just us girls. We watched the final days CrossFit competition on my cell phone and cheered together. A little personal no into yes for us girls. Random cold yogurt sharing right before dinner.

i learn so much jennifer

from you.


because of you

for them.

lessons6..until there is a cure..

  1. doris says:

    AW… what a cute little girl. and what a lovely gesture for you to scoop and run to meet her!

  2. Lorraine says:

    You are an amazing woman and mom! In Jennifer’s name I continue to pray for your cause.
    …until there is a cure

  3. Linda Blundo says:

    You are utterly amazing. Kids making a difference. Kids helping kids. So amazing. Thankyou. We love you all! We love you Jennifer. ♡♡♡♡♡♡

  4. krista says:

    amazing! Jennifer is teaching us and guiding us all the time.

  5. Bridget says:

    That story has brought tears to my eyes. What a beautiful little girl inspired to do something amazing because of another beautiful little girl. Wow.

  6. Melissa says:

    You are an amazing mother Libby <3

  7. Veronika Zappelli says:

    What an amazing and beautiful difference your Jennifer is making in the lives of so many Her reach truly has no bounds. You’re doing a great job Mama, with all of your kids. I’m in awe of you. XOXO

  8. jennifer says:

    Simply AMAZING- such a great story. The pics in your blog are all so beautiful and I love how Charlotte is holding your baby belly. So many prayers for continued strength on this journey. LOVE4JLK always

  9. Barbara says:

    You will get there Libby! Meanwhile that is what “we” are here for. Someday you will hear the encouragement of survivors and you will appreciate it. “We” are all still here listening, reading, crying, smiling.

  10. Kristina says:

    You are such an amazing human being. Thank you for teaching me lessons that I might not have learned otherwise. I yearn for your blogs because I know I will FEEL something, I will LEARN something, and I will feel PASSION for something.

  11. Linda says:

    i read your post this morning and I just can stop thinking about how your friend was at the hair shop and happened to be there at the same time Isabella was donating her hair because of Jennifer. That just amazes me!!! God is good!!! Thank you for sharing Jennifer with us. She is doing amazing things! You are an amazing person!

  12. Janeel says:

    Can I just copy Linda’s post? It’s amazing that your friend was there when that little girl was donating her hair because of Miss. JLK!!! A sweet amazing child that has captured sooooo many hearts: those who knew her and those who did not alike!! What a special spirit. Love the no’s into a yes. Such beautiful daughters. One enjoying her spur of the moment treat. And the other being typically spunky with her tongue out. Love it!! For JLK!!

    (One of the hearts she never met)

  13. Erika M says:

    Love this, love it, love it!!! I love it that Isabella wanted to do it, that Renee was there, that you jumped into the car to meet her. A triad of pure beauty.

    My daughter wrote out a note and taped it to a glass vase wanting people to donate for kids with cancer, but she wanted to put it out by the mailbox and it’s glass…I have to figure out a safer way for her to do it. Kidvocate is a fantastic idea.

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