my question for you..

What does don’t be sorry be active mean?

It means I know you are sorry I lost my daughter .. I know you are sorry she suffered.. I know you are sorry she is gone and sorry that maybe even you miss her too…

But that sorry. Its not enough. Not enough because she is still fighting.. Her cells .. living and growing pieces of her.. they are fighting .. SHE is fighting but she needs help. Money. Awareness. Help to make both of those things happen.

Sorry isn’t enough for Jennifer.

And. And for your kids. Sorry isn’t enough for any of our kids.

one missing.. so I look for her in the light of pictures like these.

Sorry doesn’t stop the tragedy.. the death…the suffering from happening. It just protects your eyes.. unless.. . it get drops inside your own home and you simply cannot avert your eyes any longer.

Let me pose this question.

Would you do more? Would you do it differently if it was your child?

When I first thought this last night talking aloud to Tony I replied to myself.. That well of course.. Of course everybody would do more if it was their child. ..


then I stopped because I was wrong …Both incredibly and sadly wrong..

Because I have friends.. ones that knew my Jennifer and ones that didn’t. That wouldn’t be able to do more. That fight like it was their child. That fight to make it so it isn’t. ..Incredible

So my question. My question is. ..

Is that you?

Are you as active as you be if it was your child? Are you as active as your child needs you to be?

If you can’t say yes.. well. .well then know my truth…

Know that 3 year ago I think that would have been me too. 3 years ago I wasn’t active. And I don’t think I would have been. .. even if it had been my friend’s child or my nephew .. so sad to realize.

I think I would have been sorry.. terribly sorry.. And I would have thought that was enough. I would have had reasons it was enough. ..

And I would have been wrong.

Are you as active as you are sorry? If not then change that.

volunteer. donate. share. fundraise. get involved.

I am now. But for my little family its simply too late.

I’m sorry sissy miss

eternally and forever sorry..

but i know.

thats not enough.

…until there is a cure.


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  1. Hello i have read all your blog post and read them more than once. I cried every time. I am.from venezuela and i live in venezuela, i want to help.children in need here there are no.medicines , no diapers, no pediasure, no chemo.drugs children are dying and families are suffering because its.not possible to even give them proper treatment. I wish to help in sone ways maybe your foundation can help here somehow. It makes me sad to do nothing. Its not fair children die because we cant even orovide surgical.mask for them to avoid germs. There is so much need.

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