How our family is fighting back against COVID-19..

For those of you that don’t know… we live in Santa Clara County in California. A “hotbed” for COVID-19. Let me tell you things still seem to be changing daily around here.. But for now we are on a shelter in place order for non-essential tasks.


For me one of my “whys” is my parents. . We share property with them.. We are the only people they can safely see and interact with. Both in their 70’s my Dad in chemotherapy treatment..

I know enough about myself though.. that the easy dedication I have right now towards social distancing will wane over time ..

Today and tomorrow I’m all in.. For my parents.. For the kids I know that are immunocompromised due to their battle with cancer.. But after that .. well I’ll admit, I’m scared for when my resolve weakens..

And I realized perhaps I am not alone in that..

My Mom..Or as her 23 grandkids call her.. Coco.. She is quite literally the most intelligent person I have ever met.. And hates her picture taken more than Dracula.. So me putting one out publically is sure to go over well. .

My Mom is the kind of woman that would be mother to anyone that needed her.. Whether it was taking in some guys my brother played basketball with in college and treated them as her own .. Or talking through a legal problem with any of our friends.. Not to mention the hours of babysitting all of our kids and driving to watch the 900th t-ball game but still cheering like it was the first time she saw a game.

Ive seen her scared twice that I can remember in my life. .. The day her 6 year old grandaughter .. my Jennifer was diagnosed with a brain tumor and now. .

Coco. My #MyWhyToStay and I hope now maybe one of yours too..

My Dad.. the kids Papa.. He’s the kinda guy who would fly all of us to Ireland to watch my brother play in the Rugby World Cup.. and make sure to tell everyone he met for the next 50 years that his son played professional Rugby.. (hm perhaps I’m not his favorite) (naaa I am).

He said once he felt like he worked his whole life to retire .. and now that time might be stolen because of cancer.. He is fighting .. and fighting hard. .. But as we know chemo doesn’t make it easy to fight .. And he is simply more at risk of dying from this virus.

COVID-19 barged into their lives.. and shut them in their house.. The 8 kids they .. well lets be honest.. the 8 kids they are still raising, they cant see 7 of them.. And 19 of the grandkids that they live for they can’t hug. (and actually they are still too nervous to hug mine)

We know.. We are acutely aware how lucky we are that we can still see each other. . How many others in my parents shoes really are seeing nobody else?

Please ignore what we call Coco and Papas Easter Trees ..

The worst thing for me is feeling helpless and powerless. .. In a lot of ways we are.. But not all ways.

We can help .. Just stay home when you can. Im not asking if you want to..Its actually those times that matter the most. The times you just want to go see your friends.. and get out.. Those are the times you can make the choice to help.. Especially in areas where a shelter in place is not happening..

One thing I learned during our family’s battle with childhood cancer is how much community matters and how we are better together..

But even more than that.. How people will rise to the occasion when you need them.

My parents need you. Right now. Today. Looks likely tomorrow they will too… My hope with this post is that we can share our Why Stay Home reasons .. and each of our lists can grow longer and stronger than COVID-19.

So please take a minute before you decide to go out and think about Coco and Papa … and share #MyWhyToStay my sincerest hope is #YourWhyToStay can become #OurWhyToStay. over us

baby girl..

im gonna make you proud

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  1. Ironically I’m wearing my JLK glitter squad shirt right now! You can pray and ask Jennifer to pray with us, to intercede for us and take our prayers to Jesus to have mercy on us and on the whole world, we all can. πŸ™πŸΌπŸ’–

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