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Fluttering usually involves moving a set of 12 dragonflies on lawn stakes (think flamingo, but more beautiful and meaningful) from one person’s yard to another each day – or for as many days as you choose to – throughout the month. But for this kit, you’ll be starting a Fluttering chain at your office by Fluttering your co-workers cubicle or other department.

How does it work?

You will pick one co-worker or department to Flutter and decorate their cube/area using the kit supplies (feel free to get creative here!).

That co-worker or department will have the choice to donate and then tell you where to Flutter next.  It’s a great way to surprise your co-workers when they arrive in the office the next morning.

What you’ll get:

You’ll receive a kit with dragonflies, a small sign, fliers, and Fluttering paperwork to Flutter cubicles and other areas at your office for you to use during the month of September.

Kits will ship mid August