giving tuesday

Our country has been in such turmoil since the recent elections. Emotions are running high and strong. .

Marching in the street to protest or to celebrate. Liberal or Conservative, Clinton or Trump.. The overarching thing I see is that people care. People are invested and they are hopeful. People are scared, they are worried for themselves and their communities..

I get it. In a different kind of way. I get it. I think thats kinda my life all the time now too.. I have moments of great hope. When I see success when I see change is coming and happening.

I have moments of great fear. Worried for childhood cancer to take up residence in my home again.. Fear that all this effort will never make a difference. Heartbroken over the everyday loss of life.

100 – 140.

That’s how many parents have kissed their child for the last time because of cancer since the election.

Unreal. I did (ok ok my phone) did the math a few times just to be sure because it seems impossible. .. That so many children in our country have died. A seemingly silent loss that I know is the loudest silence a parent can hear..


Its chilling.. when I think of these 20 nights I have gotten to kiss mine goodnight often with speed because of my confidence in believing I will be able to do it again the next night.

How silly of me.. 3 years ago I knew it wasn’t promised.. I cherished the little things.1-128

Back to our current times..  I know with this election peoples emotions and investment is high. The hope for what can happen. The fear for what might happen. I get it.

I live it. . except its not the hope for her.. its hope for the other kids yet to be diagnosed. I lived it.. except its not the fear for what might happen. Its the pain of  what did happen and that just keeps happening over and over again.

I see the heat and thirst from “all sides” right now. The want to have right prevail over wrong. But it seems to me there aren’t a lot of places for that incredible energy to be funneled .. so let me boldly give a option.

A purpose that is in dire need.

A right now need.. For our children. The ones just diagnosed.. 700 range since the election. .. The ones yet to be diagnosed. .. 840 range until the New Year. .. and the over 10,000 kids currently fighting.

Join us. Today is Giving Tuesday (we have a name for everything nowadays don’t we!)

.. so I invite you .. I ask you to give today. You can share the statistics and why they impact you personally via social media. .. You can shop in our Glitter Shop.. you can volunteer .. Shop on Amazon Smile and choose Unravel. . Donate directly and get your company to match it. .. Or get your company involved.

I am very excited that we have a full menu of options for corporate sponsorships.. Check it out here. .. We have options for companies of all sizes, but the best way to make any of those connection is personal. Do you have a restaurant you frequent that might want to get involved?

I say it all the time.. And everyday I will regret that it took my daughter getting diagnosed to not JUST be sorry but to be ACTIVE. Today. Giving Tuesday I hope you join us (and get your friends too also!).

I’ll be here..

We’ll be here..


…until there is a cure..



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