Sometimes I am so incredibly humbled by this community. Leaving our house this morning we all get buckled in then look up at our front door and noticed.


It was so exciting for us to see all of the Unravel paper dragonflies flittering around our front door. Loving and protecting our home. We all got unbuckled to look closely.. and of course for Mom to take some pictures!flit3


This evening we went to 7652 Monterey street here in town.  Its actually a local church.. and I got to shake the pastors hand. A place that opened their doors with their new flooring and freshly painted walls to us for our rummage sale fundraiser. So just driving there I was touched by their generosity in action to allow us to use their facilities without asking for anything in return. When I talked to my boys about it driving there, about how this church is sharing with us to help us unravel kids cancer Nicholas said

“Jesus like that”.

Yup buddy that’s a true statement.

We got there. And saw a steady stream of people ready to jump in and help out. And box after box .. after box get carried in and quickly and smartly get laid out. This event is again not mine.. its my moms labor of love and she had an incredible team supporting her. People with more organization and talent and frankly generous spirits than I have ever had. It was immediately apparent how much work went into getting this event ready.

10628220_1545482765667077_774744528236608921_nAfter most things were set up .. I stood back and I looked.











Impressed. By the outpouring of support we received for this event. How full the room was of items to sell and peoples generosity. People looked inside their own homes to see what they could sacrifice to help unravel.. but also it hit me..

for us.

me. My family.


Humbled and honored that people care so truly and deeply about us. Because I knew looking around at tables and clothing racks filed.. that its not just about finding a cure.. its also about saying we care, we remember.

thank you

And during part of the sale tomorrow (9am) my gym  coast range cross fit located at  8540 Church street, also here in Gilroy, will be offering a open work out. Meaning anybody can come give cross fit a try.

 They have already done so much for us.. Fundraising for my family.. and gifting us my membership. Its truly my sanity. I have always enjoyed working out.. but its never done emotionally what cross fit does for me now. It helps me in a way nothing else does.. not my writing or crying or even running.

It challenges me and pushes me and defeats me. It allows me to bust through the limits I thought I had but also pushes me to the point of failure.. Teaching me in a whole different way thats its ok to not be able to conquer everything and there is comfort in feeling that physically since I live it emotionally every single day since my daughter died.

Its a great environment with great coaches who make sure everybody is challenged but always working out safely! I recommend cross fit to all bereaved parents I talk to.. it makes such a impact on my life and in turn my surviving kids lives. But I also think its just an incredible way to take care of your body and I highly suggest you come and check it out! 9am!! 8540 Church street.

Sometimes its hard to accept to really absorb it all. That people can care so much about us.. be willing to give so much and do so much for us..

Thats my goal for tomorrow. To listen for her name.. to take moments for myself to soak it in.

I matter.

We matter.

She matters.


…until there is a cure..



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  1. What an outpouring of love for your cause! I wished I lived nearby so as to be able to come and be a part!
    God bless your family and all those who cared enough to put the effort into raising funds for our kids.
    Until there is a cure……

  2. Yes she matters. A lot to a lot of people. Together with the rest of her family. That is one of your and her biggest achievements, all of that love around.

  3. Jesus like that, indeed! And heck yeah you all matter! I wish I lived closer so I could help out at the rummage sale! Praying for a wonderful turn out and lots and lots of funds raised.

  4. Jennifer matters. You matter. Your family matters. Spreading the glitter matters. I hope the sale goes well today, I’m so sorry I couldn’t be there. I’ll be here in Texas fluttering, speaking Jennifer’s name out loud. Sending you love and prayers, Libby!

  5. Yes yes yes. Your last 2 posts have left me wishing I could jump up out of my wheelchair and dance. You, you incredible people, are doing this. Jesus like that indeed. Truer words were never spoken. Praying that you all smash it outta the park tomorrow

  6. Jennifer, for the love of heart sings for the love of Jennifer…; for the way I am taught daily by all that occurs to unravel pediatric cancer. My heart sings with the words of Jonathan…”Jesus like that”. All of this is humbling, amazing, life changing. My heart sings for the flittering, the Mommies Night Out, the research…the church that opened it’s doors, those who donated. Jennifer, you might of been a tiny girl, but your footprints left a mighty impact. <3 to you and prayers and love to your family!

  7. Great events filled with meaning because it matters. Jennifer. Your voice sharing the facts today rang clear and true. Jennifer. People across the globe are making a stand. Jennifer. Flittering and fluttering to a world without cancer. Jennifer….until there is a cure.
    So much love for the Kranz Family, ALL of you.

  8. Your amazing Libby! Of course you matter. BIG TIME! your Jennifer has such an impact in part because of you! Great, loving parents are so few and far between these days! I was at my son’s football game today, and I keep seeing this 3 dragonflies and I thought of Jennifer, and I said her name and told the fellow mom’s about unravel. .I also thought of how beautiful all her pictures are, and how her equally beautiful spirit shows in every picture! ….. just out of curiosity How did you come up with her name? I just got curious how you chose Jennifer? …….

  9. Libby,

    I spent all last night reading your entire blog. I stumbled upon it by chance (no…there’s no such thing, after a house near mine was adoringly fluttered a few days ago) i, like so many others, don’t have the right words to give you. I went with two of my kids to the rummage sale today to “do something”. And you were there, and I fumbled over my words there, too. I will give it a try again, what I wanted to say to you is this…Jennifer’s light shines in every thing you do. I saw your car last year with love4JLK on it and I assumed you were a high school cheerleader mom. When I finally read your blog last night and connected the dots I decided that you are a cheerleader mom…the very best kind. You root for your kids and for all our kids. My heart and my prayers are with you. Thank you. 🙂

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