Fluttering and Flittering

Flutter squad scroll down to see some tips and reminders for you!I f you didn’t have the opportunity to order a fluttering kit we have something for you!! If you want to make it like a ice bucket challenge or use glitter or suck a lemon or anything you can think of go for it. Our hope is simply that you can share the facts.. I am so excited to be the one to introduce.
flutter + glitter = flitter!

You can do it online, tag 7 people a day! You can create a flitter causevox page and ask for $7 donation. We have something you can print and flitter people in your office or kids classroom or even just standing in line at the grocery store. You can do it once or everyday for the month of September. We want it to be a way to get everybody that wants to be involved in spreading awareness in the month of September a way that works for them. So we are open to any way you can make flittering work for you!
We have a flitter page on our site that explains it all in further detail and has all the downloads for you. Right here!
Check it out, and if you have an questions email flittering@unravelpediatriccancer.org.
Please share your pictures and ideas for how to flitter!
Hashtag #flitter4Unravel and #love4jlk and #unravelcancer
hey flutter squad…Tomorrow is Sept 1st!!! I want to make sure you are all getting out there to flutter homes and have set up your cause box pages.We still have 200 people that still need to create a causevox page! I promise its super easy to create and even share via social media! Before fluttering has even technically begun you flutterers have already raised over $7,000.
Go here to create yours! I pinkie promise its super easy to do!

Also wanted to share that if you want to split the month with a friend we totally support that. I am so that I know our 12 dragonflies get to a new house every day. Any questions at all please email unravel fluttering@gmail.com. And don’t forget to share pictures I cannot wait to see your dragonflies!
Use the hashtags #flutter4unravel and #unravelcancer and #Love4jlk
As always thank you so much for your dedication to our family and to our non=profit. Together we will unravel pediatric cancer!!
…until there is a cure…

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  1. We are ready to begin our fluttering tonight. Ready to spread the glitter and create awareness in our community! And today my babies aged 7 and 9 participated in the ice bucket challenge and nominated Unravel as their charity of choice. I am so proud, not only did they do the challenge but wanted to donate as well. #love4jlk

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