Guest Blog – Dyan Part 2

This is a follow up to a easier blog written by Dyan.. and a introduction to how she turned her talent into action. Thank you for sharing your story with us. And showing us your talent and devotion to your daughter.. and kids that are fighting and scared. 


I don’t know why things happen the way they do.

I don’t know why my daughter’s genes mutated, what little thing caused their line-up to go awry.

I don’t know why it took so long for us to notice something wasn’t right with her spine.

I dress her two times a day and am the one who gives her baths several times a week. That adds up to hundreds of times in just one year that I had plain view of her back.

Why didn’t I notice this thing that was so very far off course?

I don’t know if it was the good or bad luck that her scoliosis led to the MRI that led to the discovery of her tumors.

I just know how badly, and how quickly, our world started to unravel.


One minute I’m driving my son home from his yearly check-up, the next my husband and I are hiding in our room sobbing.

What was this thing called cancer? Who gave it permission to invade our lives? It spread its darkness around us and through every bit of light we’d ever seen. We were demolished. Useless.

I felt so, so alone. Like I was stranded on an island surrounded by black. I needed support, and in the quiet of night I looked for it.


I don’t know what the odds are that I’d land on Unravel’s website. I’d googled ‘parent support for kids with cancer.’ Nothing came up but their website. Nothing. And in the months since, I’ve learned there are so many other resources. Why did I find this one?

Unravel’s mission and Libby’s energy became my lantern in the dark.

I absorbed everything she wrote and planted a seed of intention in my heart I doubt will ever die.

I decided to work my hardest to make a difference. For her, for Jennifer, for Emma, for everyone effected by pediatric cancer.

Eventually, I figured out how I could help.


I’d write a book. First, it’d be a story that might brighten up a few minutes of a child’s life who was battling cancer. And second, when I sold a copy, I’d split my profit with Unravel. It seemed perfect.

But I had no business trying to do this. I’d never even written a children’s book before. And how was I going to get people to know it was out there, or know I was out there. Or care?

I didn’t know how to do anything, but I was a half-crazed woman on a mission.

If obstacles got in my way, I climbed right over them. Can’t find an illustrator who doesn’t charge a million dollars? Keep looking, there’s one out there. Don’t even know how to write a kids’ story? Or do publicity for your Kickstarter? Or write a press release? Who cares! Just figure it out!


I worked for six months on this project and never once lost steam. And this is big for me, because I’m known to start a lot of things and not finish them.

There’s a reason why I wasn’t going to let this idea go. It might seem strange, or unbelievable.

And trust me, I’d be the first person to doubt something like this. But I swear to you, I can hear someone standing just beyond where I can see, and they’re whispering to me.


Don’t stop. Keep going. This is going to make a difference.

I won’t ever know who that voice belongs to, but I have my suspicions. And I don’t know the plan, but that doesn’t matter.

Their voice will keep me going until this book is a reality, it’s what will make me try everything I can think of to bring this book to life.

To learn more about Dyan’s story, or to pledge to her Kickstarter, visit

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