…now what?

“Don’t just be sorry. Be active.” I say this a lot. I believe in it more than anything else I share on this blog and when I speak.

I am sorry. Is the sentence I hear the most. It is said with full sincerity and love. I know that. I have not once doubted it.. because hell I am sorry too. But what I want what I need even more than the sentiment of those 3 words is action. Don’t let my daughters death be in vain. Help me and all of Unravel fight against the disease that stole her.

The one that takes 7 children every single day from their parents. The day she left me.. I wrote about it here and here.. I was not alone on that day. The day my heart was shattered more than I ever imagined possible… I was not alone.

The next thing I hear the most is.. well how? I want to be active. But how can I be active?

So let’s talk..

  • Volunteer with Us:  We have a volunteer form you can fill out to share with us your skill set and time constraints.  (You can be local or across the world for this too)

You can attend. You can share about them.

You can sponsor portions.. donate items for auction and especially get companies involved. We not only need help and people attending but we also need auction items and financial help to make all of these events a success.

  • Not local but want to help? Do you love the idea of any of these but none are happening near you. … MNO, golf, rummage sales and runs.. Bring them to your area. We will support you!
  • Help me share our story. I love to share our story. I love to get in front of a group and talk. Any group. I’m the 6th of 8 kids. I like to talk!!!
    • Rotary, Lions, Elk.. schools, moms groups (MOPS/Mothering by Heart, Las Madres, etc.)  and companies, big or small. *hint hint* Our 2016 goal is to connect with more companies. I have presented at them all and truly enjoy it.
    • In fact, you can see me speak at Woven World on March 5-6 in San Francisco. Just wanted to toss it out there!
    • Are you/your spouse/neighbor a member of one of these clubs? Do you teach at a school or involved with your home and school club?
  • Does your company have a philanthropic component? If not should they?
  • Champion for us. Perhaps you can speak on our behalf at any of these places too. We love to have people champion our cause.
    • We have printables just for this purpose.
    • Contact your local news media. Have them cover you being active and getting involved.
  • Give Us 12 (what’s that… well look here) But spoiler alert.. its all sorts of independent ideas of ways for you to get involved..(bake sales, lemonade stands, etc.)
  • Help your kid become a kidvocate…and get the whole family involved! We call it being a kidvocate.. kids saving kids..
    • This page explains cancer in kid friendly terms and gives examples of ways that kids can get involved. Running a coin drive … bake sale… lemonade stand.
    • They can get the student council involved and come together as a school campus. we even have a slide show already prepped by one of kidvocates that ran a coin drive at her school.
    • And then let us know. We LOVE to feature our kidvocates in action. To let them know what they are doing matters.
  • Not looking to leave the couch? What about company matching? And signing up for Amazon Smile. ..
  • Get online and simply DONATE NOW. We can take stock, miles and even gift cards. And ask others to do the same.

Thank you for choosing Unravel. Thank you for wanting to fight and your willingness to be brave and get involved even though its not easy to talk about.

There are 36 families that didn’t need our help yesterday but need it today. This is our Jennifer.. right before we became one of the 36…and 4 months before she became one of the 7…IMG_2344

…until there is a cure..


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  1. I’m working hard on my book for Unravel! I’m like a mad woman on a mission. I keep encountering obstacles but I just climb right over them and keep going. I WILL get this done – for you, me, Jennifer, Emma and every child out there!

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