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This family is just in the beginning stages of beating cancer. Yet its a time not like one would picture. There is a saying cancer moms know. Scan-xiety. The intense anxiety about your child’s upcoming scans..

Not because of a fear of the unknown.. not a fear of the “what if’s”. But a fear of the “what was” and “what has”. 

Today this family boarded a plane for their make a wish trip and I hope its an incredible time away for them.

Giselle diagnosed September 17, 2014 on her 3rd birthday with Leukemia ALL B-cell average risk. Cancer of the blood.

“We’ve reached Maintenance, the last stage of Giselle protocol. Maintenance it sounds so generic so technical. “Let me buy maintenance package for my new car.” I image that how some poeple think about that word “Maintenance”, but to us cancer moms, we think light after being lost in the deepest darkest forest. A Light of hope, soon we will be out of this nightmare. That light is what I’m holding on to right now. Excited to get back the feeling that I can start planning for giselle future again. That hope that she will have a future.

Enrolled in school like all the other kids, forcing her to eat her veggie, and so much more. We are not free, but we have hope again! We are in maintenance mode!”



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  1. Libby thank you for sharing Giselle’s story, you are reaching so many people & I continue to be amazed by your strength & courage! Jennifer is proud of you, I have no doubt about that! Gabi, enjoy making memories with your beautiful family! Giselle has fought so hard & I continue to pray & hope that the light keeps getting brighter & brighter! So proud to call you my friend!

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