DC getting to it

Finally feeling the way I wanted to about being here..

DSC_0009Walking down the street today a young girl and her mother approached me because of my Unravel shirt. She asked if we were here for action days. They also happened to be here from California!

The girl is a 16 yr old survivor who brought up a great point. She survived childhood cancer but almost died from side effects from the incredibly toxic treatments. If she had her death would not have been attributed to cancer.. another statistical loophole..

We walked and talked for at least 10 minutes. When I shared our story.. of the loss of our Jennifer the mother stopped in the middle of the sidewalk and embraced me. A hug that spoke a thousand words that language can not allow. .. of hope and despair.. guilt and gratitude and simple understanding..

I absorbed the relationship between this young lady and her mother and felt a yearn.. a ache in my chest that is starting to become familiar. Of the relationship I so desired with Jennifer that I will never get to experience. That I hope with all my heart I get to have with baby Charlotte.

The friendship that only a mother and daughter can share.

I may forever grieve the loss of what I never had ..

Tomorrow our vacation time ends and I get to work. Tomorrow I have “meetings” all day. I am now a little excited and a lot nervous. My plan is certainly to learn more and my greatest hope is to make more connections like the one I made on 9th street. Families and foundations that are of the same mind..

that want to fling glitter far and wide..

Gilroy Family Photographer | JLK Glitter Shoot-14



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  1. such a wonderful picture of you in DC and of Jennifer and her glitter! how wonderful that other mom was and she was there when you needed her. excited to see how it goes, I’m so sure you’ll make an impact!

  2. Your team of the love4JLK will be rooting for you, now go spread your glitter and fight for what’s right. I believe in you Libby.

  3. Good luck Libby. You will do great. Jennifer is smiling down on you and she is so proud of her mama. Love you all. Big hugs.

  4. Good luck Libby. You’ll do great. JLK is smiling down on you and she is so proud of her mama. Spread the glitter. Your glitter squad is behind you all the way. Big hugs to all 6 of you. 🙂

  5. I cannot wait to hear what the next few days bring for you…what you learn and what you are able to bring back to us….

  6. May God bless you Libby. The work your doing matters. You’re changing things. You’re making a difference. You never wanted this but you are kicking ass.

  7. Go git ’em Libby! Kick some serious DC ass! Wake ’em up and shake them to their core! Change must happen. Funding must start. The cure must be found and shared wide and fast ….. and NOW! Start the start that will forever unravel this mess for us Libby so no one else will remain FOREVER6 or any other god awful, way too young of an age!! Spread the glitter but bring back the knowledge so your army can expand the fight and end the battle!! So proud of you and JLK – you CAN do this!!!!

  8. Thinking of you!! I have no doubt Jennifer will be with you, helping you make those connections and giving you strength. I imagine glitter showering DC!! Lots of love!

  9. FAR AND WIDE!!! I too have always thought about, been concerned about, and researched the toxic treatments. There has to be a better way to cure and or stall cancer.

  10. Libby, the picture of you and Charlotte is so powerful,this picture speaks a thousand words, Jennifer so proud of you, spread the glitter sweetheart, you inspire me every day to spread the glitter too, I will keep talking about JLK forever , love and hugs to you

  11. You have a gift with words, written and spoken. Remember that. But above all , think, what would Jennifer want you to do to honor her. That glitter girl, our headband queen would want you to help the little ones, to give them a voice. I am very confident you will do very well. May you feel her presence in this coming days. Go Libby!!! Go Tony!!!

  12. You got this Libby!!! Jennifer is so proud of her momma and all she is doing for this fight. We are all here praying and wishing you the best. You I know will make a difference in this fight!!! Keep flinging the glitter and Jennifer will shine!!!

  13. Thinking of you and rooting you on! I know Jennifer is there with you and rooting for you too. We’re all so proud of you!

  14. Go Libby! You are making a change! Jennifer is with you all the way. I k ow she is so proud of you. We love you Libby! All 6 of you ♡♡♡♡♡♡

  15. So glad you could make that connection. I can only imagine the mixed feelings of that kind of meeting. Sending love.

  16. Thank you Libby for being you, for helping to untangle that thread. Jennifer is there with you and her spirit is always with you. You are phenomenal.

  17. I know you are going to make a ton of great connections with the exact right people who will help you on this next step in your journey. Very proud of you!

  18. Beyond proud of you Libby! you are making us all proud. Sending you hugs and Kissies….#unravel #LOVE4JLK

  19. Proud of you Libby. The trip must have been very hard to even think about. You are doing huge things. I am sure Jennifer is proud of you too.xox

  20. I know that you will do an amazing job representing our girls in D.C. I wish I could be there with you and can’t wait to hear all . Sending all of our love and strength.

  21. Libby and Tony,

    I know you are concentrating on the injustice of pediatric cancer spending while in DC, but also remember there is a huge economic impact to increasing pediatric survival rates versus the average age of 67* when most patients are both diagnosed and retiring. In a time were the youngest kids will be needed to replace the boomers at working age, it makes the most economic sense to spend more on pediatric cancers than other types as these children will have the greatest social/economic benefit to the US. Just a thought to speak in the language politicians understand when presenting your cause.


  22. I work in a building kitty corner from the Capitol. I know what life is like in DC. People are too busy for life itself. I’m praying that God will set before you exactly who you should meet with, give you the words to say, and prepare and provide receptive listeners who will act on the promises they make you. Have courage, God goes before you and will be with you. Hugs and prayers.

  23. I am hoping the powers that be finally hear the voices of those that are speaking for the ones that are either too young to be heard, or are no longer here. It should be obvious to them that doing nothing about innocent children dying is not acceptable. That of all the things they can find to spend money on, childhood cancer has to place high on that list. I hope that people joining forces to advance the cause effects this change. Go Kranz family!!!!!

  24. Hi Libby,
    It was great to meet you in the aiport yesterday, I have thought of you and your family so often over the past few months and I look forward to bring a part of all the upcoming fundraisers we talked about. Hope you are feeling better. Take care.

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