DC bound

We have to be up super duper early tomorrow. I still need to pack! I never wait like this.. I think I just hate leaving her and the boys behind.. and I truly hate that I have a personal reason to be going on a trip like this. I am bringing my computer and will plan on writing a little.. while there. ..

As a dear friends 4yr old said…

on a plane we are that much closer to heaven…

That’s my thought for tonight.


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  1. Aw Libby that’s so sweet that the four year old thought of that ! I hope you have a productive time and are heard !

  2. Beautiful thought! Hope it’s one that gets you through the day tomorrow. I will be thinking of you, Tony and Charlotte the next few days!!!!

  3. Libby you Tony and Charlotte will be in my thoughts and prayers for a safe trip. Try to enjoy your time there. Much love for the family of 6.

  4. Amen to that! Prayers for a safe trip, and unexpected blessings. Just tuck us all in your pocket, since we are all with you in our hearts, wherever you go (just like your baby girl is………always)!

  5. Yes Libby,spread that glitter everywhere, and remember we’re right here for you when you get back, have a safe trip and much love to all six of you

  6. Shes there by your side close really close
    I hope and pray for signs from her JLK glittery signs
    You your family and your JLK are loved….so loved by many
    Even we don’t know each other
    Safe travel, lots of xxxxxxxxxxxxx
    From far away

  7. Safe travels. We will all be eager to hear about all the glitter you are spreading. Let your voice be heard! Its an important one.

  8. What a brillian 4 year old. I love that thought. Hope you hold it close to your heart.

    Have a safe trip.

  9. Libby, so proud of you. You’ll do awesome, I just know it. Safe travels. Sending love & prayers to all 6 of you! XO

  10. Libby, Good luck and sending you lots of love and prayers. Have a safe trip. You are going to do amazing. All my love tou you all. ♡♡♡♡♡♡

  11. Libby, you are going to be amazing in DC – you’re so articulate with your message, and I am also praying that its heard by everyone you speak with. You can do it and your beautiful girl will be right there with you! Thinking of you all so very often 🙂

  12. Good Luck and hope you get the outcome you want from this trip. You are doing this for Jennifer so she will be close to you this trip. I hope she shows herself in some way to confirm that she knows all you are doing in her honor and name. Safe travels and God Bless you on this journey!!

  13. Good luck with your advocacy and getting the message through. I hope wonderful things arise from your trip –you two are the right people to eloquently share the heartbreak of pediatric cancer and the need to DO something about it.

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