I have gotten lots of questions about donation in Jennifer’s name. And who you can donate to to make a impact. We set up a research fund in her name. It is tax deductible and 100% of the donation goes to the drs working with HER tumor.

As always thank you for the support.

Jennifer Kranz Research Fund

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  1. Out of curiosity, will her doctors keep you in the loop about anything research related as pertains to her tumor?

    I know that Id love to be in the know about how and what Jennifer and her sacrifice is helping other kids with DIPG and brain cancer in general, to try to hold on to that hope that everything that has happened can, in some way, possibly save another child and family this pain.

  2. Like Kristin, I’ve wondered if we’ll be kept informed about DIPG research that might be furthered thanks to your selflessness and the bravery of Jennifer. I’d love to know in the future that other families won’t have to suffer as yours has because of the kindness you’ve extended.

  3. You already are an amazing person doing amazing things. I hope we can help you be that person and do those things. Thank you for this. It is wonderful to have the opportunity to help something some important.

  4. Libby, I don’t know you but my heart has broken for you and your family. My husband went to St. Francis and knows some of your family. I have been praying and have been pissed off and wondering what God’s plan could possibly be. I think that you and your spirit and your fire and your grief will do amazing things for DIPG research and that you will accomplish amazing things. I am at a loss as to what else to say but I pray that God watches over you, your family and Jennifer.

  5. wow, i cannot believe this. this morning i saw around 2,000 donated. by tonight, up to 12K! you guys are amazing and have amazing family, friends and your message is definitely getting out!!! thank you for your selflessness, and your love for your sweet baby leading you to your donation. It certainly led to mine.

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