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February 4, 2014

She peed.

She ate.

2 big bites of apple sauce.

I felt like Rocky Balboa on top of the steps.

  1. Ava Hristova says:

    As crappy as it sounds, I am so, SO glad!

  2. Doris says:

    Woooo hoooooo! It’s the little things in life ! So happy for you all !

  3. SH says:

    I was just praying for some peace for you and JLK and this update popped up. Amen! On our minds all day everyday!

  4. Amy Ramos says:


  5. Mirna says:

    Yay…. so excited for you!! Thank you God for answering my prayers!! Love you J.L.K…

  6. Stacey & john says:

    Woohoo for small victories! Much love, tight hugs and big prayers for you all.

  7. Julia says:

    Tiny victories, no matter how tiny, are still victories. Love to you all

  8. Casey Wilson says:


  9. Courtney Helland says:

    <3 <3 <3

  10. Vikki says:

    Oh Thank God~

  11. lisa bruce says:

    Happy Dance! Enjoy the little victories! Continued prayers and hugs always being sent your way!

  12. Melissa Bilardello says:


  13. Amber Sullivan says:

    Praise God, we prayed for her all day. Big hugs Libby.

  14. Susan Martin says:


  15. WOOHOO!! I’m so happy for you guys! Hugs and prayers!

  16. Michelle says:

    That’s wonderful news

  17. I literally held my breath when I saw you posted and let out such a huge sigh of joy when I read this. I think of you and your family multiple times a day.

  18. Ms. Tam says:

    Atta girl!! =}

  19. Kristin says:


  20. Myshael says:

    Yay!! I know god is hearing our prayers let’s keep praying and work a miracle. I’m going to sleep good tonight I pray your angel does too and ur family. God bless

  21. jill says:

    Your small victory is a huge one and we all celebrate with you…yayyyy! Love and good thoughts sent your way.

  22. AngieM. says:

    So, so glad. I bet she enjoyed it <3

  23. Jill Cordoni says:

    Thanks for sharing. I thought about and prayed
    for you this morning and tonight I put my children
    to sleep. I hope that Jennifer has a great nights
    sleep and is ready for another day to sparkle, shine,
    and shower you with her love. You are doing an
    amazing job- so strong.

  24. Cala-Dece T says:

    Thinking of you guys constantly, glad to hear she (and you guys) had some positives.

  25. Janessa says:


  26. Kari says:

    Oh JLK! I am so glad to hear this! More love sent your way!!!

  27. Jaelene says:

    Yay Jennifer!!!! Thank you God!!

  28. Carmen says:

    Sending SO many prayers!!!

  29. Jessica Lain says:


  30. Sarah Bearce says:

    Yes!!! Happy potty dance! Happy big girl bite dance!!! Way to go Momma and JLK!!

  31. Kimberly Redublado says:

    A tiny relief. Happy sigh for you. Sleep well tonight.

  32. Christie says:

    Go Rocky (Libby and Jennifer)!!!! Prayers for more moments like the ones from today.

  33. Karen says:

    You go, girl!!!!

  34. Nancy says:

    Yeah!! Best news I’ve heard all day!!

  35. Brandi says:

    Makes meh heart happy. What seems like small steps are such HUGE steps for this beautiful young lady. Way to go JLK! Sending everyone love, positive vibes, prayers and hugs.

  36. Vivian Daley says:

    So happy to hear this ♡♡♡♡

  37. Jennifer Mariscal says:


  38. Anna DePalma says:

    Prayed for her to be able to have a better day today than yesterday and Thank You Jesus for your answered prayers. Going to keep praying for a better day every day better than the one before!!

  39. Sarah says:

    This stranger thinks you both are brave and amazing and is praying for you around the clock.

  40. Elizabeth says:

    YAY! That’s great news!!! We will continue to pray for her and the strength you and the family needs at this time.

  41. Amy Graves says:

    WOOO HOOO! You are Rocky mama! Great job mommy and jennifer!!!!

  42. Jenn says:

    That is honestly wonderful news. My heart has been heavy for you and this is definitely a lift! Have a wonderful night. Hug her tight!

  43. Diana Tupper says:

    Yay! So glad for you all.

  44. Michelle T says:


  45. Marianne says:

    Hooray! I hope everyone sleeps well. Warm, happy thoughts for you tonight.

  46. Susan J. says:

    More time, thank God.

  47. Kristen Morgensen says:

    Happy girl = happy mommy and daddy. Breathe deep, enjoy the feeling and her scent.

  48. Julie says:

    What a warrior. <3 Love & Prayers

  49. DeAnna Morris says:

    I continue to pray for Jennifer and your family! Praise God that she is having a good day!

  50. lisa Fischer says:

    Small victories are always great hold on to all you have love and prayers to you all

  51. Heidi says:

    This made my day! Much love to you all!

  52. josie says:

    Yeah!!! <3

  53. Venessa says:

    🙂 Yayay!!

  54. Sandy says:

    This is the first time i dare to post since day 1 when I started reading your blog. I’ve been aching the whole way… With no words to express anything. But, this time I had to comment. It made my day! God is answering our prayers. God is wonderful and amazing! (He’s not a dick) I have faith he will cure JLK. While there is life there is hope. I will fast and pray for a miracle.

    • admin says:

      Let me explain why for me this doesn’t work. It makes me feel like if I pray hard enough…or the right way he will cure her. And if that doesnt happen…again fault falls on me. This much I know. I did not cause this. My faith.. and moreso my relationship with God is more than strong enough for a little name calling.

  55. Zoe says:

    Who’d have ever thought that 2 bites of applesauce could make so many people so very happy!

  56. Susan says:

    This is wonderful!!

    I asked my small group to pray for Jennifer, and for you, and for your family tonight. You, and she, and your lives are touching people in ways you may not imagine. I know that’s small (or no) comfort now, but thank you for sharing your lives with us. We love you, even though we have never met you in person.

  57. Bonnie Muis says:

    “The Beloved of the LORD shall dwell in safety by Him, Who shelters Jennifer all the day long (and night);
    And Jennifer shall dwell between His shoulders.”
    Deuteronomy 33:12
    As a little lamb, Jesus is carrying your sweet Jennifer safely to Heaven.
    Jesus is carrying you too Libby, and your family. His shoulders are big enough for all of you! Even if you are not there for her last breath, Jesus is there with her and His timing is perfect.
    I have fallen in love with Jennifer through your words. Praying You will sense God’s peace.
    Life is not made up of days, but of moments. May you blessed with many precious moments with your Jennifer!

  58. Ana says:

    Yei !!!! So happy ! God bless ur family 😉 ❤️

  59. Samantha Warren says:


  60. Laurel Smith says:

    Yay! I bet it was the best tasting apple sauce ever for her. Enjoy this little victory, JLK and you deserve it!

  61. Stacy Evans says:

    After catching up on JLKs last week, (last night). This seams like
    the best news in awhile. It makes my heart smile for JLK. Still praying
    for you guys!

  62. Baidra Murphy says:

    Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!

  63. Awesome! I woke up at 3:00 this morning thinking about you all. Instead of worrying, I just prayed. Relish in those precious moments. xox

  64. Stefanie Coleman says:

    I just found your blog a few days ago and have been in agony for you all and sending prayers to our Heavenly Father. Last night your blog was the last thing I read and this morning it was one of the first things I read. So very happy about those two things! Thank you for sharing that they happened. And for sharing your life. I will continue to keep you all in my prayers.

  65. Andrea in Texas says:

    Continued prayers…may these small victories be baby steps to the miracle that I pray occurs. Your strength is truly awe inspiring. JLK’s faith and love for you and the family fill me with such wonder and happiness.

  66. mejoho says:

    Oh…..SO HAPPY FOR JENNIFER…..and her family!!! I shared your story with my sister just yesterday and I know she said a silent prayer for Jennifer, too. We are very aware what CA can do to a family. We don’t like that word or the destruction it causes.

    Here, we’re hoping and praying for MUCH BETTER DAYS for JENNIFER and HER FAMILY. Lots Hugs to ALL of you!!!

  67. Beth says:

    This news made my heart sing! You don’t know me, but we share mutual friends. I am sending love and prayers to you and your family.

  68. Lori Deguara says:

    YAY YAY YAY JLK! So happy to read this!

  69. Sally says:


  70. Kelly G- Argo says:


  71. Larissa says:

    I’ve been following your blog for a while now, and I’ve grown to know and love JLK and your family. You are all constantly in my thoughts. Hope you are all very strong to support her and to love on her now that she needs it most. And I also hope you can find some peace to heal your very broken hearts. Sending you my love.

  72. Dana says:

    Happy Happy Happy!! God bless you JLK

  73. Jana says:

    Lord, please spare this sweet child and her family from suffering. I weep and mourn for them/with them. The fear, the sadness, the loss, Lord, please take it all away and fill them up with your peace, love and joy. Thank you, Lord for the moments of joy and love they are experiencing. Please let those moments be more and longer…please lavishly bless this family with all they need. Lord, please use this story to glorify You and make a difference in our government. God bless the Kranz family beyond all earthly understanding. Oh, Father…I pray in your son’s precious name, Jesus. Amen

  74. Karen Carr says:

    Thank you for sharing your perspective on life. Makes me appreciate so much more now. So sorry that you are all going through this….prayers & more to your family

  75. emphysema says:

    Howdy would you mind letting me know which webhost you’re using? I’ve loaded your blog in 3 completely different internet browsers and I must say this blog loads a lot faster then most. Can you recommend a good hosting provider at a fair price? Thank you, I appreciate it!

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