She ate a popsicle. She loved it. And she slept. A lot. She had one good 5 minute wakeful period and all 4 kids got to be together opening a gift bag that had been dropped off for them. It was bliss.

And this is what I did. I have no idea if it will make a impact. But I mean what I said. I welcome any member of our government who would vote no to equal funding to come into my home. I am just getting started. . .

my plea

Please watch and share everywhere you can. And harass the hell out of people you know that don’t share.

I appreciate so much how you are all in this with us, but I hope you stay with me . . . with us . . .even after my writing changes from our day to day horrors of loving a child with cancer to the next chapter . .



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  1. I’m glad she love the Popsicle. I shared the video and I hope your voice is heard. There r many kids out there who need to be heard, unless one is impacted by these difficulties it’s easy to go about ones life without a though of what others go through. Again, I pray everyday for your family and hope that a beautiful will come forth through this negative.

  2. Every day I read your post and my heart aches for you and your family. You don’t know me but I know of your story and as a mother of two boys myself I can’t begin to imagine what you must go through everyday. We are all praying for you and your family and for that sweet loving girl you have. I shared your video and will continue to pass it on until your message is heard.

  3. Someone has to have their voice heard and start some action. I am in awe of your courage. I follow your story daily, and pray for your entire family. I think of you many times during my day. I know I will not leave you during any part of your struggles, and I know I speak for a lot of people! Keep strong and keep getting the word out! Love and Hugs to your whole family!

  4. The Glitter Squad won’t go anywhere!

    I forwarded your video to a couple of writers in the Bay Area News Group who wrote an article to increase esophageal cancer awareness after my husband passed. If they contact me I will get your contact info from my best friend, Susan Martin. The news group has national contacts, so maybe they can help get it to the president!

    Love & prayers,

  5. Please don’t doubt that your passion for your child and all children with cancer will go unheard. You are a strong amazing mother!

  6. Again, you do not know me… but I will stay with you and continue to pray for you even after…. please always know that your community of supporters that you have on here will always be here to listen and to pray for you.

  7. My heart just breaks for your family as you are going through something no parent/child should have to go through!! I follow a couple kids on Facebook that has/had DIPG please look up Angie Goodwin she is Lane Goodwins mom and runs Thumbs up for Lane!! Maybe she can help get something going on the west coast that will get the attention of our govermrnt to start helping these kids!! Please if there is anything that I can help with emailing,writing,let me know as every child needs a voice!!! Glad your beautiful baby girl liked her Popsicle and that your family was able to be together awake even if it’s just for 5min!! Sending love hugs and positive vibes from Las Vegas!!


  8. Libby I shared your video and pleaded for people to share it. I invited them to read your blog so they have an idea of what your precious Jennifer and your family is going through. I will continue to pray and share the video as much as I can. Your family is just beautiful and it tears my heart that cancer is destroying your dreams with your little girl and the rest of your family. We know that God is able and through him all things are possible. I know its hard sometimes to keep our faith but as hard as it is do your best to keep believing because Satan thrives on us when we are week. Sending my love you to you and your husband and praying for a wonderful miracle for Jennifer!! <3

  9. I can’t share from my phone, but will at home from my laptop. The pharmaceutical industry does not think pediatric cancer research is a wise investment because it’s so “rare”. Tell that to the families who would beg to differ

  10. Libby- I was just recently introduced to your story. I couldn’t control my emotion this morning as I got caught up on your blogs. You are an amazing mother but your daughter Jennifer is so very special. My heart is so heavy for you and your family. My 6 year old daughter was born at almost the exact time your Jennifer was born. October 28,2007. Our girls are only a couple hours apart and I don’t think I could be half the women and mother you are. I don’t know what I can do to help outside of sending donations or prayers. Your story and the way you write about the last few months has made such an impact on me. We will continue to pray for you all and share your plea!

  11. Libby, the video has been shared and I will be talking about it every time I see someone I sent it to. As for being there for the next chapter. . .absolutely! We’re with you and will continue to help in any way we can! Know time is short, so happy about the popsicle and continuing to send love and hugs and, of course, continual prayers!

  12. My heart aches for you… There are no words can ease your pain we just need to trust our God he’s there with you, you are not alone… Praying for you always, stay strong Mama… The video is going to touch thousand of people …. I’m staying here…. Praying….

  13. Your Family is full of so much love that it resonates all over! I’m sharing and sharing and sharing some more!!! The most beautiful princess I’ve ever had the honor of doing makeup on! I am forever touched from meeting your family for only a few hours! It took everything in me not to burst in tears from seeing such love you all feel and show! Thank you for Blessing others around you , and you don’t even know by how much! I pray the voice of your family is heard louder and further!!!

    Much Love and Prayer

  14. My heart breaks all over again Libby. I am so sorry to see another child and their family enduring the unthinkable. Your plea is on my Facebook page…I hope you move mountains. Sending you strength from San Jose to walk through the hardest days of your life.

    Connor’s mom

  15. I can not begin to imagine the pain your entire family is going through. I have posted your video on my page (twice) and sent it to our local tv channels. You have touched more hearts than you will probably ever know. If this doesn’t touch the hearts of our politicians, then this country surely is in deep trouble! We are lifting your family up to our Heavenly Father for the peace that surpasses all understanding and can only come from Him.

  16. Libby, Tony & kids,
    To take your precious time to raise awareness for pediatric cancer is setting a legacy for Love4JLK. No matter sweet Jennifer’s prognosis/outcome, making sure others don’t have to endure such pain shows that your heart – your daughter – has already made her mark on this world and will continue to do so.

    Yesterday was the 1st anniversary of my brother’s passing, so I’ve been a bit pissed off at death lately. Therefore, in an attempt to help me and help you, I shared your video link on FB and Twitter last night. It has been favorited and retweeted by a popular local DJ here in Dallas, Al Roker w/ NBC, and a couple of dozen of people I don’t know. The fact that only 4% of cancer funding goes to pediatric research is RIDICULOUS and it has to change. I know there isn’t anything I can say or do to truly help or change the inevitable, but I have a huge mouth and plan to use it for you.

    Your nestie friends love you all. As a fellow Mommy/adoptive Mommy I’m on your bandwagon and praying for all of you. Wishing you blessings, peace, and comfort. <3 Kristin (kekis)

  17. I’m with you all the way!! My 10 year old son JJ IS DIAGNOSED with DIPG ALSO. He was 8 at the time of diagnosis and now it’s been 22 months since we heard those dreadful words. JJ is doing so well now and I take nothing for granted! I know each day is a blessing from God!!! My family will continue to pray for Jennifer and your family! I’m in an agreement with you that things has to change! Just remember that with GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE AND THAT THERE IS NOTHING TOO HARD FOR GOD!!! May God gives you his strength, peace, and comfort always!!!

  18. Praying for your little girl and your family. I will also be sharing your plea. May God Bless you and give you strength.

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