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Here is the event in photos!! It was amazing. I met some amazing people.  Ran my best time. And enjoyed seeing my boys happy. Thanks so much to Arms Wide Open for giving us this opportunity. My niece and her friend gave up the better part of a Sunday to run our booth!   Some of my family that came out to support us and took care of our kids so Tony and I could do the run. Friends new and old came out to support us. It meant so much to see people from our current lives and our past .. as well as meeting new people that have come to care for us. Pumping up a nervous Jonathan for his big moment! Holding his hand gave both of us comfort.. Sharing a little bit about us. This park… the run we took literally backs up to my house.I[…]


I had a post in my head ..about 5ks and butterflies… but that will have to come another time.. this is all that is on my mind since this morning. I got on FB and saw my friends post about it being her daughters birthday.. in heaven. I used to feel for other people. I used to be emphatic. .. I feel like I have lost that quality.. but today it comes .. that emotion flooding back. The gut wrenching sorrow I feel for our friends.. the struggle to find the words to convey how much I hurt for them. So I did what I want others to do for me. I reached out, risked saying the wrong thing. And most importantly I put the date in my phone. So I never forget. So every year til the day I die.. whether the friendship remains or not.. I will write[…]


Another Wednesday.. means another week has passed. .. 8 week in total since I held her and felt her. I spoke with somebody tonight about what that time was like.. those last 36 hours with her. Lying in her room with her. I knew she was dying.. knew she would be gone forever. I had no idea what that really meant. What that really looked like and felt like. It surprises me…constantly on this journey.. How hard it is.. I knew it would be the hardest thing I ever had to do. I mean I thought I really really knew and understood.. was prepared. “hardest” doesn’t even begin to so it justice… not even scratch the surface. Its like a tornado of all the “hardest” I could ever imagine feeling..deafening sounds..whistling in my ears.. I feel like much of my day is spent in “the calm before the storm”. ..[…]