One last thought

One last thought before bed that I have to share. I don’t know if I adequately described the depth of our gratitude. I am sitting here crying tears I didn’t know existed in a time of such despair. Tears of my heart being filled up… It’s coming from all sides… from all angles and I can’t help but feel blessed. Truly thank you. And please oh please stick with us.

Beach House

We are constantly overwhelmed with the outpouring of love and support both tangible and not. I am raw. Like an open wound constantly exposed to the elements. I don’t know how to express our gratitude since we are also staying so insulated with our family of 6. But please know we aren’t taking one single thing for granted. We are raising our children to know the importance of the handwritten thank you note, but I could write till my hands cramped and not thank every one. So please accept my sincere thank you’s through this writing. We were offered time at one of brothers good friends beach house. I jumped on it. The other day I was crying about how many things I have waited for till later…specifically going to the beach since jlk loves it. I thought it was just too much and too hard. I regret that very[…]


6 years ago this was her due date. I thought that wait for her to be born into my arms would be the hardest time of our lives… I got to take the boys on Jonathan’s school field trip. We had a great time and I am glad I got to take them and spend some time with my fellas. Tony and Jennifer had a dance party and went to his work. JLK was given a huge basket which she was so excited about and lovingly shared the contents with her brothers. They also went to “spider park” and shared a picnic together. I had forgotten that our contractor’s son attends the same preschool as Jonathan.. on a different days though…When I saw her I couldn’t help it I just started crying…Ok let me back this story up. We finally bit the bullet a few weeks ago and picked a[…]

Radiation Trial Run

JLK went to school in the morning and Tony and I went to Target. I had one of those trips. All I wanted to buy was a video camera to capture her voice and her smile and her dancing and playing. We had about 20 minutes to get all the things we needed on our list. So I went to the camera section…When I got the camera and memory card I asked how long I could film, when he told me 1-1.5 hours I said I needed more storage. They didnt have any and it triggered me…but just a bit and luckily Tony walked up so I could walk away and compose myself. He bought all of our stuff and I walked to the returns. Jennifer got a Doc McStuffins singing doll for her birthday from her friend and loves it. I liked it too since I like how it[…]

Another Birthday Celebration

We were lucky enough to have a dr free day today. We took advantage doing the simple things. Most importantly Daddy getting some one on one time with our girl and me getting time to go down a slide with her. She looked back and said thank you for going with me mommy. She is such a amazing big sister….but I know it’s hard to have me so preoccupied so often in her short life. But she has never once complained, just appreciates her moments. Oh how I love her. She told Daddy she wanted to go to YoughArt where her party was supposed to be. We were in the hospital that morning so we had to cancel. So we texted a few friends to join us. She was totally surprised and had a great time. I enjoyed just watching her use her body and smile and laugh. I filmed[…]

Diagnosis Day

I’m Jennifer’s auntie and Elizabeth asked me to get this site up and running. First of all, Tony and Libby want to express their heartfelt and deep gratitude for all of the love, prayers and well wishes that have been pouring into them from everywhere. They are overwhelmed with gratitude and amazement at all of you! However, they are currently unable to receive visitors or calls at this time. That will change but for right now, they just need to process everything that they have heard. If you need something or have some information that you think that they could use, feel free to contact me, Ann Scharrenberg Calcagno, my mother, Mary Goggin Scharrenberg or Renee Ridgeway via facebook as we are all on there. So today JLK, Charlotte and their parents met with the Tumor Board at Lucille Packard Hospital, where they were told that Jennifer has a brain[…]