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Guest Blog – Kristen: Until there’s a reason

*****I have had this blog for awhile. I have been saving it. I think because its just simply so powerful to me. It embodies the biggest message I am trying to get people to really allow to absorb into them.  Don’t wait .. get involved now. All in. Both feet. And be brave. Get your loved ones to jump in with you. Because you truly never know what tomorrow will bring. For me the title of this guest blog says it all. ****** Until there’s a….reason I have read Jennifer’s story almost from the beginning.  I do not remember exactly how I stumbled across Libby’s page, but I found myself anxiously awaiting the next post to see how Jennifer was doing, always hoping for good news.  I was so devastated when I read that Jennifer had moved to Heaven.  Libby’s powerful words were so personal and raw, I felt like I was there with them.  It[…]

Guest Blog – Dyan Part 2

This is a follow up to a easier blog written by Dyan.. and a introduction to how she turned her talent into action. Thank you for sharing your story with us. And showing us your talent and devotion to your daughter.. and kids that are fighting and scared.  Why I don’t know why things happen the way they do. I don’t know why my daughter’s genes mutated, what little thing caused their line-up to go awry. I don’t know why it took so long for us to notice something wasn’t right with her spine. I dress her two times a day and am the one who gives her baths several times a week. That adds up to hundreds of times in just one year that I had plain view of her back. Why didn’t I notice this thing that was so very far off course? I don’t know if it was the[…]

toxic showers

Please read this post. Its not by me. Its by another mother. Explaining why her daughter has to have showers in the middle of the night. Read this post and really let it absorb.. think about what this agent must be doing to her insides .. This isn’t rare.. this isn’t a unique case. In childhood cancer.. this just IS.. but it doesn’t have to be. It shouldn’t be. We aren’t just in pursuit for a cure. .. we are in pursuit for better treatment options. Imagine this was a child you love. Please.. read this post republished here from Fight for our kids.. Let sweet strong Elayna be your her… Let’s make the future different. … #forTHEMbecauseofher ********************************************************************* TOXIC: I’m getting a lot of questions about this last high dose chemo and the showers and realizing that it’s hard to understand why it’s such a big deal. It[…]

Guest Blog – Ryley

**This is the family we are honored to support through tonights San Jose Mamas Night Out. In honor of Jennifer we strive to find a local family for each of our events that need some unrestricted financial help.. This is their story..** Ryley’s Story by Lisa Strickland Ryley is our three-year-old daughter that was diagnosed with stage for non-amplified high-risk neuroblastoma Thanksgiving Day of 2014. Her tumor extended from her adrenal gland all the way up to her neck; it was one of the biggest tumors the doctors had ever seen. The neuroblastoma had also metastasized into her bone marrow and 80% of it had invaded her marrow; she had mets in her bones, and the doctors explained to us that it was “wide-spread” and it was going to be a very long road ahead of us with a ton of treatments, which included approximately 6 rounds of chemo, surgery,[…]

Guest Blog – Marina

***This is a unique guest blog I am … well excited isn’t the right word.. I guess I just feel excited about sharing it with all of you. This post was written by Marina another cancer mom. She, like me, uses exercise as therapy and she has channeled that into an incredible way to honor her daughter and raise money.  Her family is also the Canadian champions for bringing our Fluttering campaign to Canada. We put kits on pre-sale for them to be sure we can get the materials ordered and shipped out in time to make our biggest campaign international. So if you know of anybody who might be interested in Canada please share this link with them..  I will share the writings on the other children she is honoring in upcoming blogs.. But for now.. meet Robyn.***  Robyn – Kilometre 1 On April, 6, 2016, the day that[…]

Guest Blog – Renee

  **** This is written by Renee, Unravels Executive Director. This blog is a worthwhile and humbling read for me because I can’t pretend to know what its like to have to bear witness to a families suffering the way Renee did. And I think its important for all of us bereaved parents to get a glimpse to the other side so we can  try to understand and be better for it.. And important for others to read. To know how the impact of losing a child from cancer reverberates far beyond the walls of that child’s home. *** I started writing this after I read one of Libby’s recent blogs. Here is an excerpt from that blog: And I saw the picture of my Jennifer with one of her very best friends. They were wearing the matching pink minnie shirts Jennifer picked out for them in Disney World. I smiled. Remembering how the girls were so serious about[…]

Guest Blog – Dyan Fox

***This is written by a mom new to the world of cancer.. her daughter just recently diagnosed and about to begin treatment. A few weeks ago.. she was “just a mom” and her little girl was healthy. *** What They Don’t Tell You There will be a buzzing in your ears when you hear the news. The doctors’ words will fall over the room like broken glass. You’ll hear things like ‘tumor’ and ‘cancer’ and frantically try to avoid the shards, but you’ll be hemmed in by those pale green walls. “Why can’t there be any color in this office?” you’ll want to scream. “Why can’t there be some kind of life?” Eventually, the appointment will be over and you’ll walk out into the world, having to blink at the sunlight that won’t stop shining, no matter what thoughts are roaring inside your head. You’ll look over at whoever was[…]

Guest Blog – Alia

I usually try to introduce a guest blog.. but this one.. well it introduces itself. All I can say is I love you Alia and I truly appreciate you.  Diagnosis I was fifteen years old, and I was annoyed. My little sister (J) wasn’t feeling well- again- and we were at a music competition I had been preparing for for months. I tend to get hyper focused on a task (whether that’s an admirable trait or a selfish one depends on the circumstances), and simply put, she was distracting me. And distracting my parents, whose attention I wanted to help with my nervousness. I didn’t have any idea that what was coming would be so much worse than any music judge’s criticism. The next thing I remember is her going in to have a ton of tests, and then being diagnosed. Acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL). I was surprised (kids weren’t supposed[…]

Guest Blog: Carmen Murray

October was about Jennifer. Thank you for that. It was this mothers hope that my daughter could motivate and inspire .. “forTHEMbecauseofher” but I have so many more children that make up my “her” The kids that motivate and inspire me to fight for a cure. Kids that make me want to be a better mom in every way..  This month we are honored to introduce you (both through blogs and social media) to just a few of these children.  Allow me to introduce Carmen and Ty. Carmen is one of our board members and a woman I am proud to call my friend and Ty…. Ty is simply incredible.  “But your son is all better now….. because he doesn’t have cancer anymore right?” I can’t tell you how many times I have heard this phrase or something similar to it after people find out about my son’s battle with cancer.  While I totally understand why someone[…]

Guest blog : Fairy’s Here.

Every morning for the past 616 days, when I open my closet a pink and grey striped sweatshirt is the first thing I see.  The last day I wore it was Feb 11, 2014.  It was the day I said goodbye to Jennifer.  A day where I thought I could hold it together, but instead, sat on the storage room floor at work agonizing if I should go see her, go to say good-bye.  Why did I have to say goodbye to my goddaughter, it’s as if we had just said hello… I remember the phone call vividly on that Sunday night, Oct 28, 2007, it was the night that Libby became a Mom.  I was so excited I remember jumping up and down in the middle of my living room… boy or girl.  Girl!!!  Jennifer Lynn Kranz. Hanging up the phone that night I sat on the couch and[…]