-The 2nd 12th –

If you want to know what I would like today I will shamelessly tell you. Two things for two years.


Get angry. Be brave.

Go here. Or here. And press print. .. Maybe 6 times since she is forever 6. Or 7 times for the 7 children that we lost today. Or 2 times for the 2 years my Jennifer has been gone. ..

But print. And share.

I read yesterday somebody paid for another families dinner at a restaurant and asked the sever to give them the fact sheet.. or pay for the person behind you at Starbucks.. Or simply walk up to somebody and give them the information.

Listen to your heart. I believe she will guide you to the right person.

She died. She didn’t have to … but …

Somewhere in the neighborhood of 5,110 have died since my Jennifer. Shame on us. 

Don’t just be sorry – BE ACTIVE!

Today in her name I want to fight back hard. I want others to learn her name, my loss and learn the FACTS.. and hopefully raise money today in her honor to prevent this from continuing to happen.

Gilroy Family Photographer | JLK Glitter Shoot-69c


Light a candle. Jennifer’s light was unmistakable.. and it burned until she drew her last breath. Her light is one that was snuffed out far too soon. And today I want to bring back just a portion of her light to this world.

Take a picture and share on social media. Tag Unravel (or me) and share her light.

Gilroy Family Photographer | JLK Glitter Shoot-3web

…until there is a cure..

7 Responses to “-The 2nd 12th –”

  1. I’m so glad you posted this. I was just thinking, not a minute before I read this, I wish there was something I could do for you Libby, something that would help you get through tomorrow, and then I saw this. Thank you to Jennifer who worked through you to get to me! We are with you❤️

  2. Today I woke up thinking about Jennifer, a little girl who’s story and spirit has grabbed my heart. Then I read your post and I lit a candle at the St Jude statue near my house, posted about JLK, talked to my mother in law about Unravel and we committed to a Team Glitter 5K on Mothers Day, I set the date for an April rummage sale, wore my Unravel hoodie and spread the glitter, and then I cried. For Jennifer, for Libby, and for seven other families who’s lives will be devastated by a pediatric cancer diagnosis today.

    Tonight I will set up my Team Glitter Fundraising page, register my rummage sale, and turn a no into a yes for my two daughters. I will hold my babies tighter and be a better mom today because of a little girl I never knew. I am sorry, so very much so, but now I am also active.

    Love 4 JLK💕


  3. Thinking of you today on this most challenging day…sending hugs and love. Also I found out anyone who shops on Amazon can name Pediatric Cancer Research as their “charity” and Amazon will donate a % of your sale to them….signed up yesterday. You are amazing Libby.

  4. Just want you to know we are still “out here,” remembering, praying, and telling others. God bless you today and every day, Libby. I am forever changed by Jennifer and her mommy.

  5. I have printed the unravel information and voted for Coach Belein today, and most every day to get him closer to winning the $100,000 towards DIPG research. I wish there was more but for today it is for them – my three sweet boys, because of her – your sweet, forever 6 Jennifer. Your whole family, including the one in heaven, are all in my thoughts today.

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