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If you are sharing a kit, please order the “shared kit” version. The Fluttering team will be in touch with you after you place your order to obtain the other Flutterer's information.

NOTE:  This is a booster kit containing only Fluttering paperwork, fliers, and 6 replacement dragonflies.

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Fluttering involves moving a set of 12 dragonflies on lawn stakes (think flamingo, but more beautiful and meaningful) from one person’s yard to another each day – or for as many days as you choose to – throughout the month.

Don’t have 30 days to commit? No problem! Many of our Flutterers choose to share kits with a friend or family member. Each person you Flutter gets the joy of a yard full of dragonflies for a day—and the option to pick whom you Flutter next by making a donation to Unravel. You simply return the next day, pick up the information packet and move the set of dragonflies to the next home selected.

Fluttered last year and missing a few dragonflies?  This booster kit comes with 6 dragonflies to replace ones that might have gone missing or are weathered from being outside.

NOTE: These kits are booster kits containing only Fluttering paperwork, fliers, and 6 replacement dragonflies for you to use during the month of September.

Kits will ship mid August

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