Other ways to donate

Donate Your Birthday!

Instead of birthday gifts, ask people to donate to Unravel.  Check out one example here.

Donate in someone’s honor!

Planning your wedding?  Looking for something to do instead of the usual favor?  You can donate to Unravel in your guests’ honor and give them this card to let them know!

Donate your skills or services!

Do you own your own business?  Are you a hair stylist or make up artist?  Another way to donate to Unravel is through your skills.  You can ask your client to donate part of what they would usually pay you to Unravel.

You choose how to donate!

Our supporters have come up with some of the best ideas! Take a look at our Give Us 12 spotlight and feel free to come up with your own idea!

Have fun and take pictures! We’d love to see them, so if you share on social media, make sure to tag us! #giveus12 #unravelcancer

Have questions? We’d love to help! Please contact us at: fundraise@unravelpediatriccancer.org