Give Us 12 Spotlight

We are always super amazed by the wonderful ideas our community comes up with. Here are a few ways some people have gotten involved in spreading the glitter…

Amazing Annabelle

Amazing Annabelle
In December 2015, Dyan Fox’s three-year-old daughter Emma was diagnosed with possibly having cancer. You can read her blog post here. After having an MRI, CT and MIBG scan at the end of 2015, and having a biopsy surgery in January, they found out Emma’s tumors were benign. Emma was instead diagnosed with Neurofibromatosis. (Neurofibromatosis, or NF1, is a genetic disorder that causes tumors to grow along nerves. Emma will endure diagnostic testing, and will be at significant risk of developing cancer, for the rest of her life.)


Emma and her family began to use imagination and fantasy to help her get through the tough moments she experienced during her diagnosis. Dyan says, “We pretended her nurses were ladies on their way to a fancy ball, and that they were dressed in pretty yellow gowns instead of their ugly sterile ones.” This ability to distance her from the experience by tapping into fantasy and using her imagination inspired the creation of “Amazing Annabelle.”


Amazing Annabelle is about a little girl who gets through her cancer diagnosis and treatment by using her imagination. She bears realities, like feeling sick and losing her hair, by putting herself in epic fantasies instead. Annabelle goes on a magic carpet ride, explores the sea in a submarine, blasts off into space, and more.


Dyan has created a Kickstarter campaign to help fund her book. With the support of her Kickstarter backers, Fox will donate copies of her book to pediatric cancer patients around the country. She will also give 50% of her after-tax profits from future sales to the Unravel.

Click here to donate to Dyan’s kickstarter campaign. You can also sign up on her website for the latest updates on Amazing Annabelle.

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  • Team Glitter Cheer Squad

    Team Glitter Cheer Squad
    Giving us 12 can be anything, from liking us on Facebook to running a lemonade stand. Or in this case, volunteering at one of our events. If you were at the race in Santa Cruz, you may have heard the whistles and cheers coming from the Team Glitter water station from a distance. Not only were our volunteers rapidly pouring water and handing out cups to the racers, they were also cheering everyone on as they ran by!

    Everyone who volunteered at the Team Glitter water station had a great time (and a few got a little wet) being part of the race and Team Glitter! Thanks again to all of our volunteers for being there and doing such an awesome job!

  • Alyssa at party with Unravel box

    Donating Her Birthday

    Meet Alyssa. Alyssa was born with Neuroblastoma. The tumor was bigger than her heart, and resting between her lungs. It was pinching her spinal cord, but the neurosurgeon saw movement in her toes which meant that she wasn’t paralyzed yet. Emergency surgery was performed at 6 days old at Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital. Chemotherapy followed at 3 weeks old. Subsequently, when the tumor was small enough, she underwent a thoracotemy to extract it from her body.

    From Alyssa’s mom, “While we were staying in Oncology during treatment, I feared for my little one’s life. One nurse gave me the gift of hope. She brought a picture of a 15 year old girl and asked me to look at her. I didn’t get it, who was this person? She was a FIFTEEN year old that was born with a neuroblastoma, just like my baby. She was alive and 15! I had never met anyone that had NB and survived. At that moment, I knew that it was possible. And, that nurse and that girl, allowed me to look forward to the future with my baby.”

    Recently, Alyssa celebrated her 15th birthday! Instead of presents, she asked for donations for pediatric cancer. Alyssa’s parents were pleasantly surprised. That’s when they heard about Unravel Pediatric Cancer. And immediately knew that it was the right one for for them. You see, Alyssa’s invitations were wrapped in a gold sparkly bag. As they were putting them together, glitter was everywhere!

    Alyssa and her family are very thankful that Alyssa is leading a healthy, happy life. She is only limited in participating in certain sports because of the earlier spinal surgery. She loves pink, sparkle, glitter, castles, and princesses!

    At her party, Alyssa collected $5,030 for Unravel Pediatric Cancer. Her family and us here at Unravel are very proud of her and her actions in helping fight childhood cancer.

  • Jacob_Kidvocate

    Kidvocate in Action

    Meet Jacob S. He’s one of our awesome kidvocates. Jacob (age 7.5) recently came up with the idea to host a hot chocolate stand for Unravel. With the help of his family, he set up the stand outside of his house. Jacob raised $166.70 hosting his stand!

    He also drew a picture and wrote a story about his experience. He said it was “very fun and helpful.” Thanks for being such an awesome Kidvocate Jacob! See Jacob and other kidvocates on our kidvocate gallery here.

  • f-give12

    1000 Dragonflies

    This month’s Give Us 12 Spotlight features an amazing idea from one of our supporters, Ava. Using the story of Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes as inspiration, she came up with the idea to take this concept and make it into a fundraiser for Unravel Pediatric Cancer. Her idea is to make 1000 dragonflies while raising $1,000 for pediatric cancer research.
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