Direct your funds


Would you like to fundraise in someone’s honor? Want to specify where the money you raise or donate goes?

We want to give you the ability to specify what type of cancer you are raising funds for. For your personal fundraisers (fundraise2unravel campaigns) and direct donations, you have the option to specify where the funds you raise impact or you can let us choose (see our what we support page):

One thing that matters to me a lot in Unravel is giving people the ability to fundraise in honor of their own fighter.. The “her” in “#forTHEMbecauseofher” that means the most to them. So that when you want to fundraise.. then you can choose what kind of pediatric cancer you want your money to directly impact. Honor funds or bake sales … or like my boys just did, donating their birthdays. – Libby Kranz

  • Types of pediatric cancer:

– Leukemia [ALL & AML] – Lymphomas [Hodgkin & Non-Hodgkin] – Brain cancer [and other central nervous system tumors] – DIPG
– Ewing sarcoma [bone] – Retinoblastoma [eye] – Germ cell tumors [start in testicles or ovaries] – Wilms/Kidney tumors
– Hepatoblastoma [liver] – Neuroblastoma [sympathetic nervous system] – Osteosarcoma [bone] – Rhabdomyocarcoma [skeletal muscles] – Pleuropulmonaryblastoma [lungs]

  • General Donation to Unravel
  • In honor of someone
  • Administration Costs

How do you let us know?

For honor pages:

Go to our honor page section of the website and create your honor page. Then, just e-mail us at with what type of cancer you want the funds to go towards.

For all other fundraisers:

Go here for the steps to start your campaign.  

Have questions? We’d love to help! Please contact us at: