Team Glitter Frequently Asked Questions

General Team Glitter Questions

Fundraising Page Questions

What races are part of Team Glitter?

Any race where you want to run and fundraise for Unravel is considered part of Team Glitter! Team Glitter also includes the Race2Unravel Family Fun Run in Gilroy, CA and many others!

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Is Team Glitter associated with this year?

There is no official Team Glitter this year at, however that doesn’t mean you still can’t run as part of team glitter in the race!  You can create your fundraising page here (link) and if you raise over $100, Unravel will send you a Team Glitter shirt.

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Where do I go to sign up for my fundraising page?

Please go to to sign up for your fundraising page.

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 I have received a lot of checks. Can I add them to my fundraising page?

Yes you can! All you need to do is go to your fundraising page and add them there as an offline donation. You can find the area to do so on the right hand side of the page.

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I received a cash donation.  What should I do with the cash?

Go to your fundraising page and enter in the donation information as you would a check.  When you mail the checks to Unravel, please do not mail the cash.  Instead, please convert to cash using the following guidelines:

Under $250 – you can write a personal check
Over $250 – please send in a cashier’s check for the donation


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Of course! They can donate through your fundraising page or send a check made out to Unravel. Send to Unravel, P.O. Box 2206, Gilroy, CA 95021. Please note “Team Glitter” on the memo line.

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What do I do with the checks/cash after my race?

Please convert any cash to a check. Send the checks to Unravel, P.O. Box 2206, Gilroy, CA 95021. Please include a note with your checks including your name and that the checks are for Team Glitter.

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Where do the funds go that are raised in this campaign?

All monies raised by and for Unravel will go directly to the fight against pediatric cancer. Check out our What We Support page for more information.

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