Fluttering Kits will ship in Mid August Buy a Fluttering Kit Donate to Fluttering Scroll down to learn more about our Fluttering campaign and how you can join us in being active. What is Fluttering? Fluttering involves moving a set of 12 dragonflies on lawn stakes (think flamingo, but more beautiful and meaningful) from one person’s yard to another each day – or for as many days as you choose to – throughout the month of September.  Each person you Flutter gets the joy of a yard full of dragonflies for a day—and the option to pick whom you Flutter next by making a donation to Unravel. You simply return the next day, pick up the information packet and move the set of dragonflies to the next home selected. By helping us Flutter, your donation of time helps raise so much money!  On average, when a kit is moved nightly … Continue reading Fluttering