What is Flittering?

For the month of September, over 300 people all over the country will be Fluttering people in their neighborhoods. Our Flutterers will be moving dragonflies around in their communities while raising funds and awareness for pediatric cancer. Since we only had so many Fluttering kits to go around, we wanted to give others a way to join us in spreading awareness and raising funds, so “Flittering” was born. It is a way to spread awareness and raise funds virtually and through printable flyers and social media.

Our dragonflies are fluttering around spreading knowledge and sharing facts, or as we like to say “spreading the glitter”… Fluttering + glitter spreading = “Flittering”

How to Flitter

Step 1
Set up your online fundraising site and join the Flittering team! To create your Flittering page, please go here.
Step 2
We have two easy ways for you to join us in flittering; online or using a printed flyer.
Step 3
Flitter as many people as you can! The more awareness we spread about pediatric cancer funding, the better!
Step 4
Share your great flittering ideas with us via social media! We encourage you to use #flitter2unravel and #unravelcancer.

Flittering with a printed flyer:

flyer for printing

  • Save this print-ready image to your computer
  • Print it out, fold it in half or cut and staple and start flittering
  • Flutter a co-worker’s cube, locker at school, someone’s car, your neighbors – the possibilities are endless!
  • People can find your Flittering fundraising page using the donate links that you can add to the flyer
  • Check out our Flittering board on Pinterest for more ideas!

Flittering online / via social media:

Here are some graphics that you can download, print, or share on social media to bring your vision to reality. Looking for other Unravel graphics?  Head on over to our downloads page!

  • you've been flittered sign
  • Unravel logo, small
  • dragonfly


Looking for Flittering ideas? Check us out on Pinterest!


Questions? e-mail us at flittering@unravelpediatriccancer.org.