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I just want to write something about my post from last night I have gotten quite a few comments about it. .. All opinions expressed here are my own.. They may not fit for every bereaved parent.. but I share so that people reading can know what its like.. 2.5 months out in one mama’s head.. I know..I truly appreciate how much people want to help and comfort me… .I know that what is said is only coming from a place of goodness and wanting to help.. I write to sort it out in my own head.. and because it might help others to read my thoughts, to sort their own.. and especially because I know how scary it can be to speak with somebody in my shoes.. hopefully sharing what does and does not work for me will help ease some of those fears.. provide a little bit of a[…]


This was us… just A month ago.. yet also a lifetime ago…her lifetime.. Today however was actually ok. First therapy appointment. Went well. We will have separate appointments in the next week. Paperwork… .. . how many children living in your home? I teared up. and got somehow really nervous about what to write. I wrote all 4…with names and ages… Our friend watched the boys so we could take Charlotte to the dr …another ear infection… We got there and the kids were being so goofy…wrestling and smiling. …we laughed. a real laugh. Just one, but enough. the guilt punched me in the gut. ..the feeling of laughing without her was horrible. And it shook me…in a whole new way. .. We talked for quite awhile, luckily Tony with the husband and I with the wife. Talking about Jennifer relieved some of that guilt..About missing her and how I[…]