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First awareness campaign : Fluttering

This idea came to me at my sister’s house. She had a neighbor whose house had been “flocked” with all of those pink flamingos on the front lawn. I thought what a great concept to raise awareness for pediatric cancer … Then it happened to me and I found out it could also be utilized as a fundraiser. I am proud to introduce…   FLUTTERING Dragonflies live relatively short lives but live it to the fullest.. making an impression wherever they go. Jennifer’s nursery as a baby was decorated in dragonflies and they have always been our symbol for her. They seem to zoom all around until they are over the water, one of Jennifer’s favorite places to be.. they hover there.. wings fluttering.. You can’t help but stop and look at them. We are hoping you are able to help some dragonflies flutter in the month of september to[…]

35 for 35

$35 for 35… today is my birthday. A friend of mine posted this and it really meant a lot to me that she thought of it.. so I am just going to copy and paste it here.   “While none of us can give Libby Kranz what she really wants on her 35th birthday, we can continue to spread the glitter and help make sure thatLove4JLK makes a huge impact in the world of Pediatric cancer. Please consider making a donation of $35 so that her tumor cells help save the life of another child someday. “Jennifer Lynn Kranz fund at Stanford” We are 5,000 short of half way there in less than 4 months!! I just asked my phone.. (since math is not my friend).  500 people donating $35.00 would be 17,500 and  1,000 people donating $35.00 would equal $35,000. Long shot but worth a try. Our goal is 100,000 in the[…]


Here is the event in photos!! It was amazing. I met some amazing people.  Ran my best time. And enjoyed seeing my boys happy. Thanks so much to Arms Wide Open for giving us this opportunity. My niece and her friend gave up the better part of a Sunday to run our booth!   Some of my family that came out to support us and took care of our kids so Tony and I could do the run. Friends new and old came out to support us. It meant so much to see people from our current lives and our past .. as well as meeting new people that have come to care for us. Pumping up a nervous Jonathan for his big moment! Holding his hand gave both of us comfort.. Sharing a little bit about us. This park… the run we took literally backs up to my house.I[…]


Today was a day of opposites. Of highs and lows. This morning I woke up. And missed her still. A continuation of the longing I felt last night. I strapped on my shoes and went for a run. It wasn’t a good run though. It was slow and hot .. As I ran I realized how powerless I have felt through out all of this. Powerless to stop her from dying. Powerless to stop her from being in pain.. powerless to bring her back. .. and now. Powerless to remember her the way I want to. I dont get it. I feel horrible about it. Even ashamed about it. My memories of her feel so flat. So two dimensional. Like a photograph. Not the way I want them to be. I want them to be real. I want to remember what it felt like to hold .. the weight of[…]


This experience has showed me the goodness in people. We are so grateful for all the love and prayers, the monetary support and meals being delivered to my men folk back home. I am trying really hard to help JLK see how lucky we are and to teach her to find ways to pay it forward. Its hard to do though since I catch myself wondering why? I am no longer raising her to be a productive adult or a good wife. I want to give her only yeses. It has been brought up that maybe we should send her back to kindergarten after treatment. As a way for her to know she is ok and not be scared that we aren’t making her go. Not gonna happen though, both since I am selfish and I cant imagine not being with her….(that make me pause knowing I am going to[…]