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Fog. I feel like I am living in a fog ¬†.. Like is this all real? Sometimes it feels like I am looking at somebody else’s life..and so hard to admit “out loud” sometimes it even feels like its somebody else’s daughter. Like it cant really be that my daughter died. I don’t know how to explain it or even what to make of it. Frankly it scares me… Maybe it just shows how ¬†disturbing all of this is… that my mind pulls back…lets a fog roll in to blanket this tragedy.. ..am attempt to protect my mind and save my sanity. Its incredibly disorientating. Because then all of the sudden…the truth blasts me. Something will happen that allows me to see with a clarity that destroys me. Today one such occasion was the butter. When we lived at my parents, throughout her radiation, we brought butter her own butter.[…]