Month: August 2016


I always wanted to be a mom and I knew that I wanted a big family. It’s why I worked in day cares and summer camps and then became a teacher. To practice what I knew my lifes work was supposed to be.. I was always confident in my ability to juggle and thrive as a mom to bigger sized clan Then came infertility.. and miscarriage after miscarriage.. and then all I wanted to be was a mom. Just a chance to grab that golden ring .. Jennifer gave me that. If you ever asked her she would say Oct 28th 2007 we went from Tony and Libby to Mommy and Daddy. She gave us that. And it can never ever be taken away. I am so grateful she got to give us those titles. And I truly believe God knew I needed her first before he gave me the[…]

4 walk and 1 soars

I am happy. My life is good and full and rich. But.. Well, there is just always a but.. Because Jennifer is missing. I exist in my joy.. but there is this constant current of sadness. Of grief. Of missing her. We have had a truly incredible summer. It has been ideal.. (almost aka… but) We have done silly fun things at home. Painting projects.. And bigger things like going to the Beach Boardwalk at night.   And our usual things like days at Gilroy Gardens.     I have smiled and laughed .. and cuddled.. but… but she is missing.. It seems though those highs are always tempting the fall. My life is lived on the side of a mountain.. I am always aware of how close I am to toppling over the cliff.  .. And the higher I have climbed this summer in happiness with my surviving kids..[…]

Guest Blog – Kristen: Until there’s a reason

*****I have had this blog for awhile. I have been saving it. I think because its just simply so powerful to me. It embodies the biggest message I am trying to get people to really allow to absorb into them.  Don’t wait .. get involved now. All in. Both feet. And be brave. Get your loved ones to jump in with you. Because you truly never know what tomorrow will bring. For me the title of this guest blog says it all. ****** Until there’s a….reason I have read Jennifer’s story almost from the beginning.  I do not remember exactly how I stumbled across Libby’s page, but I found myself anxiously awaiting the next post to see how Jennifer was doing, always hoping for good news.  I was so devastated when I read that Jennifer had moved to Heaven.  Libby’s powerful words were so personal and raw, I felt like I was there with them.  It[…]