A glitter photo shoot a few days before Thanksgiving.

Cheeks swollen from steroids. . .

Lots of personality and sibling love.

This day. . .these picture….

wonderful memories.

glitter girl

Hope you enjoy!

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  1. <3 <3 <3. Beyond beautiful! I love her giggle and laugh so much. It warms my heart. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. Love and prayers to you and you're family.

  2. I have been following your blog for a about a month now and have read the whole blog. It it just now that I figured out how to leave a message. I have fallin in love with your little angel, Jennifer. I am so so sorry that you all are going through this terrible experience. An experience that no parent should ever have to go through. I think you are blessed to have this little girl in your life and more so I think Jennifer is blessed to have the wonderful parents that you and Tony are. Libby you are an amazing mom, with more strength than I could ever imagine having. I have two adult children, a 28 year old daughter and a 23 year old son and I know how I worry if they get a sore throat. God has given you so much strength and you really amaze me.
    This video of Jennifer was beautiful! She sparkles just as much as the glitter. She will always sparkle right in your heart forever. Stay as strong as you possibly can and I will continue to pray for your sweet girl as I have been. God bless you all.

  3. Through my tears I enjoyed every second. Thank you for sharing! And thank you for reminding me that every second, every moment is even more important than the last. Sending you strength, love, and prayers my friend.

  4. Libby, you are awesome….shines through the kids. I laughed & cried at the same time… shine too.
    By the way, you are doing more than you’ll ever know. Your insight, depth, expression of true love for Jennifer, the raw & honest feelings you share…..I learn from you. It’s still so unfair and hard to believe, but you mentioned there being light in the misery….and understand that…..somehow there is light. I don’t mean to ramble….I just want you to know that I read everything you write and suffer right along with you. I’m a mom and it absolutely hurts to hear and know you are going through this.
    I just thought of that silly Beyonce song “Halo” and there is a line she sings: “I’m addicted to your light”…..reminds me of how you speak.
    Thoughts & prayers.

  5. It was not by chance that Jennifer came to Libby and Tony Kranz in life,
    God knew her journey here would not be long,
    so He gave her His very best.

    God Bless you Libby and Tony.

  6. Such a bright light in the sparkle in her eyes, the joy in her laugh, the naturalness of her love. Jennifer making angels in the glitter, oh how beautiful she is. She just shines in the video, precious, unique and cherished. Even as someone who has walked the halls of pediatric cancer ward, both with my son at age 12 and my grandson at age 4…I cannot imagine all you are having to journey through….I hope the love, prayers and heartache we share for Jennifer gives you some strength to draw on. Lifting you all in prayer and love. Thank you for sharing Jennifer with us, she is one of a kind special. <3

  7. I enjoyed every single second of that video. There was love, joy, laughter and happiness filling every single moment. Jennifer’s glitter angel brought tears to my eyes. This little girl is very special indeed. Jennifer’s eyes sparkled. I could feel the warmth in her heart. I can tell where Jennifer gets her bright smile, from her Mom. Thanks for sharing. Sending all my love & prayers ❤️

  8. I know this is a happy video, but I just cried when I saw it again today — because of so much that has been lost for her in such a short time, and the loss keeps coming to her, to you. I want her to be able to make another video. You have done very well living every last moment with her. Good job, Libby and Tony. Damnit. Unfair.

  9. Amen to what everyone has written. But especially Chris says what is in my heart. None of this makes sense to any of us, but I believe it does to God. And . . . someday . . . we will see and understand and forgive and laugh again . . . with JLK. This sparkly video is a glimpse of Heaven, where there is no cancer, no pain, no sadness . . . ever. But for now, I love you as my own family, and I hurt with you.

  10. This photo shoot is amazing! What a great idea! The photos are phenomenal, but the video is what touched my heart most. She is an amazing little girl. Thank you for sharing her & your story. My heart goes out to you <3

  11. Just hearing her laugh makes my heart burst…both with love for her and ache for you. Thank you for sharing her. She could not have a better mommy. My prayers continue for you ALL. Much love from me.

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